147 Unique Speech Topics [Persuasive, Informative]

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Jim Peterson has over 20 years experience on speech writing. He wrote over 300 free speech topic ideas and how-to guides for any kind of public speaking and speech writing assignments at My Speech Class.

Unique speech topics categorized in persuasive (clothes and seniors), kids (picnic party food), also informative (testament and wills), and for after dinner speaking (office and wines).

According to the dictionaries, the word unique means being the only one of its kind or without an equivalent.

unique speech topicsMore specific: look for interesting unusual characteristics or particular experimental, conditions, events or opinions.

Choosing fresh and sparkling unique speech topics for your public speaking class or any other special occasion requires starting with inventing your special experiences.

Read my ideas and select only the unique ideas that interest you the most. Plus the suggestions and hints that make you able to inform, persuade or entertain your public with unusual speech topics they have never heard about.

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List of Unique Speech Topics

The topics that follow are about aspects that we may relate to in different parts of the world. Topics such as “Children need to believe in magic” could be changed to “Santa” for a more specific topic.

There are some topics, such as polygamy, which are acceptable in some countries and religions. You could use these countries as examples to back up your opinions in the case that things might be seen differently in your country or culture.


  1. Seniors are too old to adopt children.
  2. TV adverts are not a work of art.
  3. Allow social media at school.
  4. Cash will be discontinued.
  5. Music has the power to heal.
  6. Old buildings must be preserved.
  7. There needs to be a one car per family rule.
  8. Marriage should only be allowed from age 25.
  9. Parents home schooling their children should have to pass tests first.
  10. The Bermuda triangle is fact, not fiction.
  11. Medication doesn’t help hyper active children.
  12. It is possible to live without the internet.
  13. Leadership cannot be taught.
  14. Married couples should have affairs with each other.
  15. Businesses should not open on Sundays.
  16. Countries must have closed borders.
  17. Teenagers lack survival skills.
  18. Gadgets have restricted children’s imaginations.
  19. Virtual relationships will not survive in the real world.
  20. Modern art only requires ambition.
  21. Lie detector tests are a waste of time.
  22. Full moons do affect children’s behaviour.
  23. In the end opposites don’t actually attract.
  24. It’s not true forgiveness if it’s not forgotten.
  25. Technology makes people lonely.
  26. AIDA formula for advertising is too restrictive.
  27. Word of mouth will always remain the best form of advertising.
  28. Businesses social media accounts lack personality.
  29. Racism will never die out.
  30. No one is too old to go study.
  31. Sale leaflets don’t work.
  32. Whatsapp killed text messages.
  33. Clothes do influence how people react to you.
  34. Make 50 the cut out age to adopt.
  35. Having a will should be law.
  36. Fair trade isn’t really fair.
  37. Working for bigger companies is better than working for smaller ones.
  38. America needs to stop interfering with other countries problems.
  39. Boarding schools are not beneficial to teens.
  40. Democracy is the best way to govern a country.
  41. Farmers should only farm organic foods.
  42. Reincarnation is real.
  43. Stress does not cause acne.
  44. Bottled water is not as safe as you think.
  45. Wild animals will never be tamed.
  46. Young teachers are the most enthusiastic teachers.
  47. Women are the better cooks.
  48. Adultery leads to happier marriages.
  49. Retirement age must depend on the industry.
  50. The death sentence is hypocritical.
  51. Nobody speaks English correctly.
  52. The Olympics is a dying sport.
  53. Environmental factors are the cause of cancer.
  54. Contact lenses are more effective than glasses.
  55. Rap is poetry, not music.
  56. Red wine is not good for your heart.
  57. Piracy is not stealing.
  58. Prostitution is never going away.
  59. Untidy people are more creative.
  60. Why companies should hire lazy people.
  61. High heels are bad for women.
  62. Anti rape nail polish won’t stop rapists.
  63. Do not rake leaves.
  64. Polygamy should be a personal choice.
  65. Guideline to drink 2L of water per day is wrong.
  66. Artificial Christmas trees are better than real ones.
  67. Coffee is a healthy food.
  68. Everyone does have a price.
  69. Hair dye does not cause cancer.
  70. If healthy food was cheaper, people would eat healthier.
  71. Headphones are damaging teenagers hearing.
  72. Prison doesn’t reform prisoners.
  73. Casinos should set limits for pensioners.
  74. Organic food isn’t better.
  75. Guardian angels are real.
  76. Humans should walk barefoot.
  77. Adoption process is too long at animal shelters.
  78. Depression is not a disease.
  79. Electric cars are going to harm the environment.
  80. Extreme premature babies must be saved.
  81. Coconut oil is unhealthy.
  82. Masturbation does not cause hair loss.
  83. Children have the right to know that they are adopted.
  84. Blood is thicker than water.
  85. Bumper stickers are dangerous.
  86. Pregnant teens must stay at school.
  87. Sons only belong to their families until they get married.
  88. Never give money to the homeless.
  89. Smacking children only teaches them violence.
  90. Children need to believe in magic.
  91. Brexit is a huge mistake.
  92. Psychics and mediums shouldn’t charge a fee.
  93. There is no life after death.


  1. How fine journalists that write fake news.
  2. Fake tan products are toxic.
  3. How colours affect our mood.
  4. Fine parents with obese children.
  5. How adult colouring books are good for mental and emotional health.
  6. Making a will or testament and why it is important for your family.
  7. What to do to help moms with twins.
  8. Why Esperanto has not become the international language.
  9. Moving from place to place learns us about life – that results in lots of themes on adventures.
  10. Why maintaining and improving highways and roads often takes more time than you think.

For Kids

  1. How to organize and prepare picnic party food for in the city park.
  2. The perfect babysitter profile.
  3. My special tips for making a great tasty breakfast in bed for mom and dad.
  4. Making jigsaw puzzles of our family photos.
  5. My wish list and requirements for the community play ground.

After Dinner

  1. Conspiracy theories are nonsense – conspiracies always are exciting and thus nice after dinner unique speech topics.
  2. My five tips to bring this dinner party to life.
  3. The do’s and especially the don’ts for bosses at office parties.
  4. My review of our dessert this evening.
  5. Traveling around the world in seven wines 🙂

See this page for a full list of After Dinner Speech Topics.

On Women’s Issues

  1. Positively discriminate women in the navy.
  2. Women are better bosses – but not under all circumstances.
  3. Beauty contests degrade women to a level they do not deserve.
  4. Working mothers harm their children – it is close to neglecting kids.
  5. Hysteria is caused by fear of women.
  6. Every woman needs a man to succeed in life.
  7. Surrogate mothers may help infertile couples.


  1. Violence in video games is directly correlated to youth violence.
  2. Vegetarianism is bad for your skin and on the long term you total health condition.
  3. Terrorists are not prisoners of war.
  4. Living in university dormitories is effective for your study.
  5. The UN should be the government of the world.
  6. We need strong unions in times of economic depression.
  7. Trade barriers serve higher goals.
  8. Torturing terrorists is justified when thousands of lives are at stake.
  9. Toughness with flexibility works better than zero tolerance to crime.
  10. X-Mas has nothing to do with peace on earth – it is eating and drinking and nothing more.
  11. I don’t like teachers do all the talking.
  12. Don’t trust all wikis – it is said that there is bias in it.
  13. Television sex is harmful to our children.
  14. Why complaint about a nipple on screen but not on murders on tv?
  15. Being lucky has nothing to do with success over a long period.
  16. Be proud of your different behavior in a world everyone behaves like zombie lemmings!
  17. Books are definitely out and e-education books and supplies are in.
  18. Cell phones are more dangerous for your brains than you think.
  19. Do your emotions control you or do you control them most of the time?
  20. Every graduation student should obtain foreign experience in a far away culture.
  21. Journalists earn money with the misery of other people.
  22. People pleasers are desperate people.
  23. People who live in big cities will die sooner.
  24. Southeast Asia is the place to be!
  25. Subtle forms of age discrimination.
  26. A lie is sometimes a justifiable instrument for a rebel with a good cause.
  27. Lawyers rule the world.

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