60 Speech Topics on Religion and Spirituality [Persuasive, Informative]

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Topics for an informative speech based on the religious bible and spiritual themes such as gospels, Mormonism, and new age as part of my categorial catalog of writing. Each of them is a general theme.

A starting point to brainstorm and research. The only thing you have to do is describing their historical, cultural and social meaning.

topics speech religion spiritualityI advise you to research history and factual data, opinions, illustrations, etc.

Provide your audience all interesting facts and new data you can find. Most people really want to know more about the following series of my sorted and specialized topics for an informative speech, give them what they always wanted to know …

Remember, these are general sample ideas for topics for an informative speech. The statements are easy to narrow and tweak till all fits you.

  1. The history of the Bible.
  2. Interesting details about Noah’s ark.
  3. The history of Rastafarians in Jamaica.
  4. The origin of Christmas.
  5. The principles of Mormonism.
  6. Unknown Bible stories.
  7. Buddhist rituals and concepts.
  8. Christian denominations.
  9. Roman gods and goddesses.
  10. Founders of the major religions.
  11. The Five Pillars of Islam.
  12. The Great World religions.
  13. How to become a Saint in the Roman Catholic Church.
  14. The Ten Commandments.
  15. The Forgotten Apostles.
  16. The Bar Mitzvah ritual.
  17. The story of the Black Madonna.
  18. Cathedral architecture.
  19. Intelligent Design.
  20. The Roman Catholic clerical organization.
  21. Comparison of Gospels.
  22. Oriental Orthodoxy.
  23. Confucian philosophical tradition.
  24. The Practice of Druidry.
  25. Angels and what they stand for.
  26. Jewish Kabbalah and esoteric mystical traditions.
  27. The Papal election procedure.
  28. Protestant Reformation.
  29. The Qur’an Documents.
  30. Occult S?©ances with Ghosts.
  31. Plural Marriage in Mormonism.
  32. Religious Pilgrimages to Holy Sites.
  33. Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.
  34. The Seven Holy Sacraments.
  35. The Temple Complex in Jerusalem.
  36. Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama.
  37. History of Zionism.
  38. Female Patron Saints.
  39. Code of Canon Law.
  40. Earth divinity beliefs and Their Roots.
  41. The Golden Bough Explained.
  42. The Holy Inquisition.
  43. New Age Spirituality.
  44. Religious Signs and Wonders.
  45. Who is Vishnu?
  46. Buddhist rituals.
  47. Christians have practiced religious revolution through the ages.
  48. Hinduism, the third largest religion.
  49. Priests should be allowed to marry.
  50. The worlds most famous holy heritage sites.
  51. What are reformed Baptist churches?
  52. Christianity has too many religious symbols.
  53. Fanatic religious movements are dangerous for young people.
  54. Maintain the separation of church and state.
  55. Prayers in public schools are not wrong.
  56. Religious people are not tolerant to other religious people.
  57. Religious wear must be allowed in college.
  58. The Ten Commandments should be displayed and explained in public buildings.
  59. There is nothing wrong with the contents of Ten Commandments.
  60. You don’t need special clothing to be baptized in.

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