23 Speech Topics On Geography

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Free speech topics and public speaking ideas to talk about on geographical themes for advisory assignments. These are especially suitable for writing demonstrative speeches.

speech topics geography

You can show charts, bars, maps, and offer facts and figures of these.

  1. Cultural geography – The culture, customs, food, music, traditions, religions and language of the country you like.
  2. Desert – How to create a garden in the desert or from the native soil with fertilizer and other stuff.
  3. The Earth’s atmosphere – the Layers of our atmosphere: the low troposphere, the more far ring of the stratosphere, the portal to space mesosphere, the protection circled thermosphere and the outer-space or exosphere.
  4. Extreme points of your continent: e.g. the northernmost point of Asia is Cape Chelyuskin in North Central Russia, and the southernmost point of the US is Key West, Florida.
  5. GPS – The Global Positioning System in shipping.
  6. Glaciers – How glaciers of ice are formed.
  7. Globalization – The effects on social communities, e.g. economic, social, and cultural.
  8. Hemispheres, the Equator and Meridians.
  9. Mountains – The ten highest mountains.
  10. Hydrology – How the hydrologic cycle works, it starts with the evaporation of water from the ocean and ends in rain.
  11. Islands – How to survive on a tropical island.
  12. Landforms – How the Philippines are formed millions of years ago.
  13. Natural disasters are interesting free informative speech topics – Worldwide effects of volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis or earthquakes.
  14. Ocean streams – What are cold and warm ocean streams and why are they important?
  15. Permafrost (frozen rock, soil, sediment) – Can it stand global warming?
  16. Sea level – Living in a country below sea level, e.g. The Netherlands does for ages.
  17. Poles – The differences between the North and South Pole.
  18. Rivers – The longest rivers, e.g. the Nile in Africa (about 4,150 miles), the Amazon in South America (4,000 miles) and the Yangtze in China (3,950 miles).
  19. Soil – The soil profile in your neighborhood.
  20. Tropics – When do we call a climate a tropical climate?
  21. Types of beaches, dunes and coasts in several arts of the world.
  22. Rural development is the main cause of wildfires in East Asian countries.
  23. Southeast Asia is really the place to be!

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