190 Society Speech Topics [Persuasive, Informative, Argumentative]

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List of Society Speech Topics



society speech topics

  1. Why you should push people to try new things.
  2. No child should be considered a “lost cause”.
  3. We shouldn’t have to pay for internet access.
  4. Celebrities should have more privacy rights.
  5. Life is better now than it was 50 years ago.
  6. Why stereotypes are harmful.
  7. Why everyone should know about feminism.
  8. Support the wounded warrior project.
  9. Should companies market to children?
  10. Prisoners should be allowed to vote.
  11. Are we doing enough to end poverty?
  12. Is Social Darwinism true?
  13. The USA has too many prisoners.
  14. Why we should have a three day weekend.
  15. How to fix harmful gender roles.
  16. Is trick or treating a bad thing?
  17. Should retirement homes be free?
  18. Public toilets should be cleaner.
  19. Generic products are just as good.
  20. How bullying changes who you are.
  21. How bullying can lead to suicide.
  22. Societal beauty demands are harmful.
  23. The advantages of politeness.
  24. Why you should not shop at Walmart.
  25. Volunteering in your community.
  26. The need for affordable housing.
  27. Should we get longer holidays?
  28. The danger of propaganda.
  29. Too much money is a bad thing.
  30. We need free bus rides for seniors.
  31. We need better public transportation.
  32. The importance of volunteering.
  33. Homeless people deserve a home.
  34. The importance of preventing cyber bullying.
  35. Donate money to charity.
  36. Raise the retirement age.
  37. We need to stop censorship.
  38. We need more foster parents.
  39. Why everyone is equal.
  40. Single parent families need help.
  41. Mandatory sentencing weakened communities.
  42. Corporate corruption weakens the country.
  43. The pledge of allegiance should not be mandatory.
  44. Shop at local stores.
  45. Buy security alarms.
  46. We need more prison alternatives.
  47. Frivolous lawsuits hurt the country.
  48. We need more affirmative action.
  49. More resources should be devoted to fighting poverty.
  50. Bar closing hours should be later.
  51. Police corruption needs to be stopped.
  52. Stay at home moms deserve more respect.
  53. Women’s pay rates should be equal to men’s.
  54. Cosmetic surgery should be highly regulated.
  55. We need to care for our aging population.
  56. Racial profiling needs to be stopped.
  57. Privacy rights must be respected.
  58. Women’s rights must be advanced.
  59. Race relations need to be improved.
  60. Columbus day should be eliminated.
  61. Gun control saves lives.
  62. Media bias is harming our country.
  63. Beauty contests are harmful.
  64. Privatize social security.
  65. A more open immigration policy will cause economical disasters.
  66. Action movies reflect the fall of good manners.
  67. Activism on engaging social matters are on the rise.
  68. African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans are still discriminated against.
  69. Alternative lifestyles influence art.
  70. Art festivals should raise awareness on key social issues.
  71. Arts are an invention of the elite.
  72. Binge drinking has a lasting negative effect on social behavior.
  73. Bisexuality is equal to heterosexuality in the western world.
  74. Crime maps should be made public.
  75. Cultural diversity is not a barrier for social unity.
  76. Curfews reduce street violence.
  77. Education, housing, and hiring must be equal for all citizens.
  78. Elder abuse can be prevented.
  79. Former prisoners need help to re-enter society.
  80. Gay soap-opera characters must kiss each other.
  81. Hip-Hop and R&B gangsta rap music influence our youth.
  82. Homelessness figures are not exaggerated.
  83. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes.
  84. It is impossible for news media to devote equal attention to all people.
  85. Let graffiti artists clean the walls they ruin themselves.
  86. Media violence is damaging children.
  87. Multinationals rule the world, not governments.
  88. National lotteries must find a way to help gambling addicts.
  89. Not enough money is available for international refugee programs.
  90. Not enough public buildings have easier access for people with disabilities.
  91. Not having a car means less choice in how to conduct your life.
  92. Our liberties should be protected at all costs.
  93. People could learn a lot about life from the Amish.
  94. Permanent affordable supportive housing helps people live more stable lives.
  95. Prohibit skateboards and hoverboards on sidewalks.
  96. Public shame in TV reports is a perfect way for criminal retribution.
  97. Ratings are not effective in curbing violence.
  98. Rhetoric techniques pave the way to success in life.
  99. Safety and security are what society needs most.
  100. Sexist images of women should be banned.
  101. Skinny models are setting a bad example for teenagers.
  102. Social deprivation is the source of crime.
  103. Spanish Americans have been at a disadvantage in society for decades.
  104. Television soaps are responsible for the increasing number of breast implants today.
  105. The dangers of gambling are not only short term.
  106. The environment of a young person has a direct effect on her of his prospects.
  107. The G8 leaders cause more poverty in developing nations.
  108. The Patriot Act violates civil liberties.
  109. The poor should be seen as consumers with special needs.
  110. The private lives of celebrities should remain private.
  111. The right to freedom is more important than security issues.
  112. The social costs of legalized casino gambling outweigh the benefits.
  113. There will always be homeless people.
  114. There will never be an end to poverty.
  115. To understand American society, you must first understand blues music.
  116. We are better off today than we were five years ago.
  117. We are lost our cultural identity.
  118. We can stop girls from being maimed and abused.
  119. Western nations must not impose their standards on developing countries.
  120. Women are not fairly portrayed in the media.
  121. Zero tolerance policies are not working.
  122. There are ways to stop the continuous growth of Earths population.
  123. Children in … fill in the nation of your choice … have a better life than ten years ago.
  124. China is right to have a one-child policy.
  125. The world is nowhere near prepared for unexpected dooms and disasters.
  126. There are ways to control the human population.


  1. Why are dogs known as man’s best friend?
  2. Is happiness a good measure of social progress?
  3. The day to day duties of a police officer.
  4. The benefits of teamwork.
  5. Some inexpensive places to take your date.
  6. The benefits of male paternity leave.
  7. The importance of providing shelter to homeless veterans.
  8. Aggression is a real presence in society.
  9. What rights consumers have.
  10. What is the correct tipping etiquette?
  11. The different types of personalities.
  12. How fashion ruins the kids of today.
  13. Wealth is not measured with money.
  14. The negative aspects of living in an era of apathy.
  15. Silence against violence is harmful.
  16. Feminism and its misconceptions.
  17. The reasons shops should be closed on Sunday.
  18. Is being good looking important?
  19. How to make the U.S. a better country.
  20. How LGBT youth are protected.
  21. The state of the rich and the poor.
  22. The history of hello kitty.
  23. The most interesting world records.
  24. The invention of pop rocks.
  25. What life will be like in the future.
  26. How to cope with natural disasters.
  27. Celebrate diversity.
  28. How we should respond to chemical and biological threats of violence.
  29. Swimming programs for the elderly.
  30. The history of aboriginals in Australia.
  31. The history of global crime.
  32. Typical social roles we expect from men and women in society.
  33. Unemployment rates compared to a decade ago.
  34. Indigenous people around the world.
  35. The considerable shortage of women in Alaska
  36. The development of the human sex ratio in our country.
  37. What indigenous people should do to preserve their culture.
  38. Why global population keeps growing.


  1. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
  2. How people are judged by their skin color.
  3. How parents don’t understand our generation.
  4. Hollywood has a negative impact on society.
  5. The taboo on recreational drugs is unjustified.
  6. The negative effects of racism.
  7. Why do people believe in superstitions?
  8. Privacy is not the most important right.
  9. The negative effects of selfishness.
  10. Are nursing homes necessary in our society?
  11. Do we still live in a sexist society?
  12. Does social status matter?
  13. The Miss America pageant is sexist.
  14. How to stop cyber bullying.
  15. Is laziness a good thing?
  16. Is life in the city preferable to live life in the country?
  17. A little bribery is okay to get everything going your way.
  18. Ban piercings in the face.
  19. Computer nerds will always be unpopular.
  20. Drivers must be retrained every 15 years
  21. Everybody does not have the right to carry a gun.
  22. Give immigrants the right to vote on Election Day.
  23. Hispanic poverty is not only caused by racism.
  24. One income tax rate for everyone regardless of level of income.
  25. The American Way of Life does not exist anymore.
  26. This country has failed to live up to its ideals.

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