41 Psychology Speech Topic Ideas

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Psychology speech topics about our mental everyday state, think about testing emotional intelligence or even hypnosis and catharsis brought together in informative statements for writing on mindsetting.psychology speech topics

  1. Hierarchy of human needs theory of Abraham Maslow. The series of levels in that process are good main points: the physiological, safety, belonging, esteem and self-actualisation needs.
  2. Why do so many people find adolescence so difficult? Life circumstances perhaps make you feel like you are riding in a roller coaster due to the speedily physical and emotional changes. Mention the causes and the ways to cure. Psychology speech topics to help and advice other persons.
  3. How do you remember what you know? In other words describe the way your brain works for short-term and long-term memories. Molecular and chemical actions and reactions can be part of your informative conversation.
  4. Artificial Intelligence technologies. E.g. computer systems performing like humans (robotica), problem solving and knowledge management with reasoning based on past cases and data.
  5. Strong stimuli that cause changes in temporary behavior. E.g. Pills, money, food, sugar. In that case it is an good idea to speak about energy drinks and their short-term effectiveness – do not forget to mention the dangers …
  6. Jung’s theory about our ego, personal unconscious and collective unconscious. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung discovered that neurosis is based on tensions between our psyche and attitudes.
  7. What exactly is Emotional Intelligence? And why is it more important than IQ-ratings nowadays. How to measure EI with what personality tests?
  8. That brings me to the next psychology speech topics: the dangers of personality tests.
  9. Psychological persuasion techniques in speeches. E.g. body language, understanding audience’s motivations, trance and hypnosis.
  10. Marketing and selling techniques based on psychological effects. E.g. attractive stimulating colorful packaging, or influencing behavior of consumers while shopping in malls.
  11. Meditation helps to focus and calm down the mind. E.g. Teach your public to focus on breathing, revive each movement of an activity in slow motion, or the walking meditation.
  12. The reasons against and for becoming a behaviorist. Behaviorism is the methodological study of how the scientifically method of psychology.
  13. Sigmund Freud and his ideas. With a little bit of fantasy you can alter and convert these example themes into attractive psychology speech topics: our defense mechanisms, hypnosis and catharsis, psychosexual stages of development.
  14. Biological causes of a depression. E.g. biological and genetic, environmental, and emotional factors.
  15. When your boss is a woman. What happens to men? And to women?
  16. The first signs of anxiety disorders. E.g. sleeping and concentration problems, edgy and irritable feelings.
  17. How psychotherapy by trained professionals helps people to recover.
  18. How to improve your nonverbal communication skills and communicate effectively. Study someone’s incongruent body signs, vary your tone of voice, keep eye contact while talking informally of formally with a person.
  19. Always talk after traumatic events. Children, firefighter, police officers, medics in conflict zones.
  20. The number one phobia on earth is fear of public speaking – and not fear of dying. That I think is a very catchy psychological topic …

And a few more topics you can develop yourself:

  1. Dangers of personality tests.
  2. How to set and achieve unrealistic goals.
  3. Sigmund Freud Theory.
  4. The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory.
  5. Three ways to measure Emotional Intelligence.
  6. Why public speaking is the number one phobia on the planet.
  7. Animated violence does influence the attitude of young people.
  8. Becoming a millionaire will not make you happy.
  9. Being a pacifist is equal to being naive.
  10. Change doesn’t equal progress.
  11. Everyone is afraid to speak in public.
  12. Ideas have effect and consequence on lives.
  13. Mental attitude affects the healing process.
  14. Philanthropy is the fundament of curiosity.
  15. Praise in public and criticize or punish in private.
  16. Sometimes it is okay to lie.
  17. The importance of asking yourself why you stand for something.
  18. The only answer to cruelty is kindness.
  19. The trauma of shooting incidents last a lifetime.
  20. To grab people’s attention on stage, keep a close eye on their attitude and social backgrounds.
  21. Torture as an interrogation technique is never acceptable.

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