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Pet peeve speech topics list on consultants bugbears, fashion trends grievances, and groans on promo spots plus three ways to find good public speaking input for things that get on your nerves.

On people who render peevish reactions amongst other persons:

pet peeve speech topics

  1. Drivers that do not look in their car mirrors when they change lanes.
  2. Slow drivers in the fast lane. This is one of the biggest gripes in traffic.
  3. Rude acting sports fans in front of television cameras.
  4. Slow service at a restaurant or having to wait too long for the bill.
  5. Consultants who tell you what to do because your boss do not dare.
  6. Parents that do not parent their shouting and screaming kids in public areas.

More pet peeve speech topics on awful and unpleasant people:

  1. who lock their animals in a car.
  2. who do not think for themselves and follow all bad fashion trends.
  3. who let their children scream and shout in the playground.
  4. who talk on their cell phones and are texting messages while driving.
  5. who think they own the world and act arrogant.
  6. who talk during movies at the movie theater.
  7. who are overly optimistic and happy.
  8. who say cool all the time.
  9. who network themselves in a better position by bowing and scraping to please the boss and kicking to low level workers.
  10. who are making a scene in public.
  11. who don’t turn off their cell phone at the movies.

And three pet peeve speech topics about companies:

  1. that raise the pay of chief executives in bad economic times.
  2. that refuse to return calls of job applicants.
  3. who blame you for their own mistakes.

Objects and situations are great sources for a pet peeve list on things that irritate you and make you groan and moan:

  1. Suv and Hummer drivers.
  2. Awful kid names – tell me is it a girl or a boy?
  3. Cliches of sports athletes.
  4. Inescapable pervasive spam with graphics and blinking texts without a clear situated closing cross.
  5. Britney Spears’ attitude to her honest fans.
  6. Customer service people that don’t understand what service is.
  7. Higer gas prices because of natural disasters.
  8. Complaints about a nipple but not on murders on televison.
  9. Promo spots in news programs, and teaser advertorials after each fifteen minutes in a television movie series.
  10. Automatic paper towel dispensers that are packed too tight.

This is a list of speech topics that get on my nerves and I can’t stand. Take them if you like. Or find your own bugbear:

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  1. Look around and select a situation or an object that vexes, or a person you feel strongly about.
  2. Read a newspaper or magazine and choose a current controversial event, for example an election candidate or so. Note your opinion – who causes you so much aggravation when she or he speaks?
  3. Think about things you like and that are threatened by for example government regulation. Those issues can be very good and effective for oral addresses on personal bugbears.

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