Top 10 Microphone Isolation Shield Reflectors + Buyer’s Guide 2021

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If you’re a musician, singer, or podcaster by now, you probably know that ambient noise and sound reflections can create noise interference. It’s challenging to produce a balanced recording when you can hear so much unwanted sound. Instead of spending hours watching YouTube tutorials on reducing sound reflection and unwanted noise from your vocal tracks, you might want to do something about your recording environment.

First up, you’ll have to kick your brother or sister out of their room first. They can share yours. After all, sharing is caring. Tell them to think of the bigger picture: you can finally have your personal recording space! Look at all that room for acoustic foam and noise isolation!

I’m only kidding, of course. Not everyone has the luxury of a professional home recording studio, but you don’t need one to produce professional sound. Microphone isolation shields exist for a reason, and some professional recording studios use them despite having a vocal booth. Microphone sound shields create the optimal recording conditions, regardless of where you are.

Mic isolation shields also make a great first purchase for up-and-coming podcasters, vloggers, and singers. We have selected the top 10 microphone isolation shields that suit everyone’s pocket and needs, so stay tuned for our reviews!

What Is a Microphone Isolation Shield?

Microphone isolation shields block unwanted background noise, ambiance, or sound wave reflection during recording sessions. Additionally, they improve audio clarity by a great deal through the isolation of the microphone from the rest of the environment. 

Microphone isolation shields are handy for YouTubers, podcasters, musicians, and singers who want to create professional audio without visiting a recording studio. They’re great for home recording or as part of university equipment, and they also save you from sticking acoustic foam all over your room or using any other type of permanent treatment. 

Microphone isolation shields are made of high-density foam and can sometimes have up to three layers. This thick acoustic foam can prevent sound waves from entering the mic’s proximity – no matter your setup. 

Isolation shields have different installation methods. For example, you might be one to record sitting down while gaming. In this case, you’re probably going to look for a desktop isolation shield or one with a tripod. In some cases, if you’re a musician or singer, you might be more interested in a microphone isolation shield with a stand. We’ll expand further on the specific features and advantages of isolation shields in the Buyer’s Guide section at the end of the article.  

You’ll come across many different types of isolation shields. Some of them have unique futuristic designs, while others are small, compact, and practical. We have a bit of everything on our list, so no matter what your budget is, whether you want the most premium microphone isolation shield or the most budget-friendly option, you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at the top 10 microphone sound shields!

Best Microphone Isolation Shield At A Glance

The SE Electronics SPACE Vocal Shield makes some of the most accessible microphones for home use. Thus, it’s no surprise they managed to produce this fantastic microphone isolation shield. The design features a handmade construction made of durable materials that also do not cost a fortune!

For those in a rush, here’s a summary of the top ten mics and their accolades!

  1. Top Pick SE Electronics SPACE Vocal Shield
  2. Best Budget Microphone Isolation Shield – Aokeo Professional Studio Recording Microphone Isolation Shield
  3. The Best Affordable Circular Microphone Isolation Shield – Neewer Pro Microphone Isolation Shield
  4. The Best Microphone Isolation Shield for Vocals and Singing – XTUGA Recording Microphone Isolation Shield with Pop Filter, High Density Absorbent Foam to Filter Vocal
  5. Best Compact Microphone Isolation Shield – Neewer Tabletop Compact Microphone Isolation Shield
  6. Best Microphone Isolation Shield for Home Recording – LyxPro VRI-10 Vocal Sound Absorbing Shield
  7. Best Microphone Isolation Shield for Podcast Recording – Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield
  8. Best Cheap Isolation Shield Recommendation – Moukey Microphone Isolation Shield
  9. Best Travel-Friendly Isolation Shield – MSIZOY 5-Panel Orange Foldable Studio Recording Microphone Isolation Shield, High-Density Mic Sound-Absorbing Foam
  10. Best Premium Microphone Isolation Shield with Unique Design – Aston Microphones Halo Portable Microphone Reflection Filter, Black

Top 10 Best Microphone Isolation Shields – Reviews

Here are ten of the best microphone isolation shields you can find on the market today!

1. SE Electronics SPACE Vocal Shield – Top Pick

On-Stage ASMS4730 Isolation Shield (Background Noise and Reflection Barrier for Microphones,...
  • Absorbent. Improves a microphone's recording environment by surrounding its back and sides with absorbent foam and diffusive screening to block out background noise and reflections.
  • Compatible. Standard 5/8”-27 threaded socket securely attaches directly to a mic stand for an uncluttered, organized, space-saving setup—no need for an additional stand.
  • Convenient. Mounting assembly features a 5/8”-27 threaded stem that accepts mic clips and shock mounts, positioning a mic at the proper level in front of the shield.

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The SE Electronics SPACE Vocal Shield is compact and light, and it can quickly turn your amateur mic setup into a professional vocal recording environment. I recommend this mic sound shield to anyone recording while standing upright – for singers and instrument recordings especially. It’s made of a vented aluminum surround panel with a metal frame and 2 inches worth of acoustic foam. You can attach the shield with the included mounting brackets.

All you need is the mic itself and a standard microphone stand. If you haven’t found one yet, you’re in luck! We wrote a review of the best microphone stands, and we can’t wait to share them with you! You can position your mic as close to 2 inches away from the screen, and you can adjust the screen vertically if you want – between 5 and 1/2 inches. It has a great-looking exterior and does an incredible job isolating the mic from air-con sounds and traffic noise while reducing sound wave reflection.

  • Sturdy hardware
  • Additional shaft for mounting included
  • Mounting brackets included
  • Vertical adjustment available
  • Perfect for singers and musicians
  • Weighs nearly 2.2 lbs

2. Aokeo Professional Studio Recording Microphone Isolation Shield – Best Budget Microphone Isolation Shield

Aokeo Professional Studio Recording Microphone Isolation Shield,Suitable for Blue Yeti and Any...
  • ELIMINATE INTERFERENCE: The inner side of the microphone isolation shield is made of absorbing cotton insulation that can reduce sound reflection when recording.
  • FLEXIBILITY & CONVENIENCE: The folding panel design features enables angle adjustments, giving you optimal insolation. Compact design, lightweight construction as well as fold-ability allows you to...
  • DURABILITY: Constructed out of premium steel with high-quality screws to ensure sturdiness, and long lasting performance. DIMENSIONS:11.6In (29CM) Tall and 18.5In (47CM) Wide when fully extended out...

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Listen, I am no fool. Not everyone can afford a $200 microphone isolation shield. Take a deep breath and relax because I’ve got a little something for those short on cash. The Aokeo professional studio recording microphone isolation shield is cheaper than $50 and has many great perks.

The Aokeo mic shield’s acoustic foam is made of absorbent cotton, reducing sound reflection when recording. The hardware of the mic isolation shield features two folding metal panels featuring variable angle adjustments for optimal sound isolation. It has a porous metal casing as well as metal fittings where your microphone hangs.

It has a lightweight and compact design paired with a foldable construction. If you’re one to record in various locations, you can easily transport this equipment with you without breaking your back.

The Aokeo professional studio recording microphone isolation shield is also surprisingly versatile. You can fix it on a countertop or tabletop or use it as an upright standing shield and record on your feet.

  • Porous metal construction
  • Foldable design
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Desktop and upright standing orientation
  • Super affordable
  • Too light for some purposes

3. Neewer Pro Microphone Isolation Shield – The Best Affordable Circular Microphone Isolation Shield

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You might have heard of Neewer before, but they produce great microphones, like the Neewer NW-700 and Neewer NW-800 that we reviewed. Now, they have dabbled into microphone accessory creation with their very own vocal shield – the Neewer microphone isolation shield.

The professional design of this mic isolator consists of vented metal outer panels and two-layer acoustic foam at the front. The layered design efficiently defuses acoustic waves and keeps the sound bouncing back into the microphone, controlling reflected sound waves. The mic isolation shield contains two threaded adapters, 3/8 and 5/8 adapters, so you can easily mount it on a boom arm or mic stand. 

You can mount the isolation shield on a mic stand or fix it onto a tabletop. You can also fold the two outer panels inward for storage or create a tighter acoustic isolation chamber. The compact design, lightweight structure, and foldable shield features allow you to carry the vocal shield with you quickly, and it’s completely hassle-free! Likewise, the isolation chamber will help you create clear sound quality when recording.

  • Easy to carry
  • Adjustable screw
  • Metal vented outer shell
  • Two-layer acoustic foam
  • Microphone threaded mount included
  • Foldable isolation shield
  • Tightening screws are on the cheap side

4. XTUGA Recording Microphone Isolation Shield with Pop Filter, High Density Absorbent Foam to Filter Vocal– The Best Microphone Isolation Shield for Vocals and Singing

XTUGA Recording Microphone Isolation Shield High Density Absorbent Foam to Filter Vocal,Top Enclosed...
  • ✅ REDUCES NOISE INTERFERENCE– The XTUGA Microphone isolation Shield has three layers that work in tandem to reduce noise while recording. It particularly relies on ⅗ reflectors with a triangular...
  • ✅ Flexibility And Convenience– There is lots of flexibility working with the mic isolation shield with a stand as you can choose to use the 3-panel design with 2 foldable end panels, 5-panel...
  • ✅ SUPERIOR NOISE REDUCTION DESIGN–This portable vocal booth is designed to maximize on blockage of all sound interpretations with its compact design.It is a full package design, with a foldable...

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This microphone isolation shield looks like it’s out of this world! The XTUGA Recording Isolation Shield is made for high-end microphones. You probably haven’t heard of it because it grew popular in China, where it had great success in the electronic industry. But what makes it so special?

Glad you asked. The XTUGA is made of two components – a folding diffusion shell and a foam absorption lining. You can choose to get it with 3 or 5 plastic plates, the inner walls of which are lined with high-quality acoustic foam. The vocal shield is also bendable up to 45 degrees, which helps isolate the sound inside the chamber. 

The XTUGA vocal shield is designed to be mounted on a mic stand, and it can work just as well with any condenser microphone. The isolation of this microphone shield helps create dry and controlled vocal or instrumental recording. 

It has a sturdy and stable construction, without being too heavy. You can easily fold the isolation shield and carry it with you to live concerts or record at home. It won’t occupy too much room and it’s easy to pack.

  • Ideal for musicians and singers
  • Unique patented design
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Bendable plate tops
  • Not the cheapest

5. Neewer Tabletop Compact Microphone Isolation Shield – Best Compact Microphone Isolation Shield

Neewer Table Microphone Insulation Windshield with Tripod, Sound Absorber Foam for Recordings...
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE: Unwanted external audio waves and vibrations, also called noise and interference, are protected from the recording area while your voice finds a free path to your microphone
  • EASY TO USE: Easy installation and quality performance will make your sound clearer and crisp
  • Quality material: ABS plastic coating, high-density noise absorbing acoustic foam and metal tripod, durable and stable

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Are you looking for a curved microphone isolation shield? The Neewer tabletop microphone isolator is here to impress you with its compact size, impressive design, and free tripod! Desktop vocal shields are great for YouTubers, podcasters, singers, and streamers. The mic isolator is ultra-easy to set up.

The outer shell of this mic isolator is made of ABS plastic material, making it lightweight and portable compared to other models with vented metal black plates. It’s practically a portable vocal booth! The high-density acoustic foam front absorbs unwanted noise and reduces sound wave reflection, providing a clear recording.

The metal tripod will support your microphone shield firmly in place whether you decide to put it on your desk, table, or countertop. You can also adjust the height of the tripod to create the ultimate recording experience. You’ll also be glad to hear that the Neewer tabletop compact microphone isolation shield is reasonably priced and won’t cost you a lot to get the pristine audio quality you’re after.

  • High-density acoustic foam
  • Vented plastic backplates
  • Free metal tripod
  • Curved design
  • Affordable
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Not the sturdiest option

6. LyxPro VRI-10 Vocal Sound Absorbing Shield – Best Microphone Isolation Shield for Home Recording

LyxPro VRI-10 Vocal Sound Absorbing Shield For Studio Home And Office Recording Acoustic Isolation...
  • MAKE ANYPLACE YOUR PROFESSIONAL RECORDING SPACE : This high end sturdy lightweight aluminum and foam panels come fully assembled and fits right onto most microphone stands just position easily behind...
  • ACOUSTIC SOUND VOICE AND LOCAL TRACKS RECORDING : Preserve the clarity of your voice and instrument sound while eliminating audio wave bounce back and Interference when recording your favorite songs...
  • ELIMINATE AUDIENCE CHATTER AND NOISE INTERFERENCE : High quality Acoustic sound absorbing foam insulation sound diffusion reduces noise and room ambience to Create An Optimal Recording Condition in...

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If you’re looking for an upgrade to the previous model, you can take a look at the LyxPro VRI-10 vocal sound-absorbing shield. The vocal shield has a sturdy aluminum vented backplate with an adjustable support bar on the back.

The high-density EVA acoustic foam will do a magnificent job at improving the acoustic quality of your recording. The LyxPro isolation filter has two collapsible panels that sandwich together nicely. You can take it on the go with as little hassle as possible.

The microphone isolator includes mounting hardware and can easily be used for desktop recording. You have to place it on its four legs, and you’re all set! Alternatively, you can attach this mic to a mic stand if you want with the provided hardware.

Some microphone isolation shield reviews mention a few complaints about the lack of padding and instruction documents. Thus, keep that in mind when purchasing this item!

  • Detachable feet for tabletop use
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Vented metal backplate
  • Easy to set up
  • High-density acoustic materials
  • Collapsible panels
  • Not enough protection in transit

7. Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield – Best Microphone Isolation Shield for Podcast Recording

Monoprice Microphone Stand, Desktop Adjustable (602650)
  • Includes all assembly and mounting hardware | Branding/Logo on Product May Differ
  • Dual clamp mount attaches to mic stands or booms up to 1.25" diameter.
  • Features a standard 3/8" microphone threaded mount and includes a 3/8" to 5/8" thread adapter

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Let’s welcome the royal guest of this isolation shield review. The Monoprice Stage Right series microphone foam shield measures about 23.5 in x 15.4 in x 11.0 in, making it the largest on our list. It provides you with enough space without feeling claustrophobic like with other microphone shields.

This premium acoustic shield features a vented metal backplate, which gives the microphone some breathing room. You can fold the two outer panels inward if you need to take the vocal shield with you. Also, you can use the dual-clamp mounting bracket to attach a microphone stand or booms up to 1 and ¼ inches in diameter.

You can use this microphone shield in its normal upright orientation, or you can decide to invert it and have the microphone hanging down. This helps reduce vibrations you may get from typing on your desk, which, unfortunately, your Monoprice microphone isolation shield can do nothing to prevent. However, you can fix it quickly with a shock mount. If you want to check out some great shock mounts, read our top 10 microphone shock mounts review!

Overall, this is an excellent addition to your recording equipment made of quality acoustic materials. You can upgrade your podcasts, interviews, voiceover recording, and any audio with this sound shield!

  • Two orientation adjustments
  • Vented metal backplate
  • Larger than most acoustic shields
  • Quality acoustic foam front
  • Not very light

8. Moukey Microphone Isolation Shield – Best Cheap Isolation Shield Recommendation

Moukey Microphone Isolation Shield, Foldable Mic Shield with Triple Sound Insulation, Reflection...
  • 【Eliminate Noise Interference】 Moukey Microphone Isolation Shield has REFLECTIVE & FILTER & ABSORBING layers, the inner layer is made of high-density acoustic foam that eliminates audio wave...
  • 【Easy to Use】 Only take minutes to unfold this recording sound shield, which can be fixed on a desktop or tabletop for live broadcast, and also can be mounted to a microphone stand for your...
  • 【Foldable & Adjustable】 Our vocal isolation shield is composed of 5 panels, and the foldable design allows you to be very flexible whether you are storing or carrying it out. It is easy to adjust...

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Another tremendously affordable product is the Moukey isolation shield. It requires no installation at all because it’s already built! The Moukey has four panels, making it relatively more significant than most isolation shields. Why is that important? Larger vocal shields wrap around your microphone better and effectively diffuse sound waves.

The Moukey has three-layer filtration, a protective layer, a filter layer, and an acoustic foam absorbing layer. The outer protective layer is made of ABS plastic material and won’t give you the weight and sturdiness of the Monoprice. However, it will still work fine as a reflection filter.

This microphone isolation shield is also foldable, creating a tighter isolation chamber or simply reducing in size so you can transport it with ease. Like other reflection filters on this list, it can be attached to most microphone stands or boom arms. This is a great cheap alternative to the Monoprice with exceptional functionality that won’t disappoint!

  • Collapsible panels
  • Can mount to microphone stands
  • Three-layer reflection filter
  • No installation needed
  • Dual-positioning methods
  • Larger size
  • Made of plastic

9. Msizoy 5-panel Orange Foldable Studio Recording Microphone Isolation Shield, High-Density Mic Sound-Absorbing Foam – Best Colorful Microphone Isolation Shield

MSIZOY 5 Panel Green Microphone Isolation Shield With High Density Mic Sound Absorbing Foam Shield...
  • 1.【High Quality】The green microphone soundproof shield is made of high-quality sound-absorbing foam and high-quality metal,durable and long lasting performance.And is equipped with metal 3/8" and...
  • 2.【Elimination of interference】This microphone sound shield is composed of 5 metal plates and high-density sound-absorbing foam.The foam layer can effectively reduce the echo,and the metal outer...
  • 3.【Foldable and Portable】Mic isolation shield is lightweight and foldable design make it flexible and adjustable,easy to carry it with you any where,can be quickly used in various recording...

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Are you tired of the same old dull black or metal isolation shields? I’ve got great news for you. The Msizoy isolation shield has seven vivid and bright designs to choose from, which will add a favor of creativity to your home studio.

This foldable studio microphone isolation shield has five panels and can easily fold in to save you some space when recording in a different location. It has a porous metal protective layer, and like the rest of the microphone shield on the list, it’s made of a high-density sound-absorbing sponge.

The foam layer can effectively reduce echo and room ambiance, while the metal backplate can reflect noise and shield from unwanted frequencies. You can use this vocal shield on your desktop or by using a mic stand.

  • 7 colorful designs to choose from
  • Effectively eliminates background noise
  • Can attach to a microphone stand
  • Professional vocal reflection filter
  • Metal backplate
  • Affordable
  • Complicated to set up

10. Aston Microphones Halo Portable Microphone Reflection Filter, Black – Best Premium Microphone Isolation Shield With Unique Design

Aston Microphones Halo Portable Microphone Reflection Filter, Black
  • Radically improved isolation
  • 360 degree filtering (vertical, Not just horizontal plane)
  • Much bigger surface area (approx. 40 percent bigger than main competitor)

Last update on 2024-06-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Of course, we have saved the best for last. The Aston Microphones Halo Portable Microphone Reflection Filter is a premium-quality vocal shield with a unique shell design. It’s the ultimate portable acoustic filter, and it has an almost velvety look to it.

The innovative technology of this luxurious filter proved 360-degree filtering, not just horizontally but also at the top and bottom. The Halo is made from a patented PET felt, lightweight, and unique to Aston products. It is made of 70% recycled material, creating an environmentally friendly portable vocal booth.

Many reflection shields suffer from overly complicated setup instructions, but not the Halo. It’s easy to put together, and it’s incredibly stable despite being lightweight. The built-in “ribs” of the Halo on the front and back of the shell help tackle sound diffusion. This premium portable isolation filter is one of the best solutions you’ll find today!

  • Unique shell design
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made of recycled materials
  • Easy-to-mount hardware
  • Built-in diffusion
  • Most expensive on the list

Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider Before Purchasing a Microphone Isolation Shield

There are plenty of factors that come together to create an ideal microphone shield for you. You need to consider all of them before buying a product, so you don’t get disappointed by your purchase. Don’t worry. I’m here to guide you and help make your shopping experience all the more pleasant!


Everyone has a different budget, which is fine. Still, you should know that the cheapest reflection filter typically compromises the quality of the materials it’s made of and can make a difference to your sound. I’m not saying that you should buy the most expensive mic shield either! I would recommend up-and-coming audio recorders to start with the cheap versions. They still make a difference in your sound, and you can gradually upgrade and swap as your budget grows in the future. Start simple, but don’t forget to take a look at the rest of the features, too. 

Alternatively, if you want to save some money, you can make your DIY microphone isolation shield. There are lots of YouTube videos on the subject, and just know that it won’t always give you the same sort of noise isolation you would get from even the cheapest isolation shield on our list. 

Positioning and Mounting

Do you record sitting down or standing up? If you’re a singer, you probably want the least amount of pressure on your diaphragm, so you record standing. In that case, position your mic shield on a microphone stand. If you haven’t got a mic stand yet, there are plenty of options to consider in our top 10 microphone stands review!

If you record sitting down, you should mount your sound shield on your tabletop or desktop, and it’s dead simple. For your convenience, all of our mic shields can be used in either scenario!


Sometimes, your microphone, shock mount, mic stand, and isolation shield can get pretty heavy on top, especially if you’re recording while standing up. It’s essential to look at the weight of your audio equipment and accessories. However, you can’t guess the balance until you mount everything together in person. Luckily, you can buy sandbags and use them over your mic stand base to add extra weight at the bottom of your microphone stand. A lot of these bags are used by gaffers to balance all light on movie sets and usually aren’t particularly costly. 


Depending on how much room you have on your desk or in your home studio, the size of your isolation shield is another thing you should consider. Try to get a giant mic shield if you can, so you don’t feel cramped up in a tight spot. The size of your mic shield can cover a greater area and provide more protection to your microphone, too.


Materials are also necessary. Look for three-layered microphone shields – one with a protective layer, preferably made of metal. Metal protective layers are better at reflecting unwanted noises in the opposite direction of your mics. Plastic layers will do an excellent job of isolating sound within the vocal shield but won’t provide much sound reflection. 

You Made It!

Congratulations! You made it to the end of our article. You are a microphone isolation shield pro now! However, if you want to learn more about microphones, you can check out our article on the different microphone types! I wish you a happy shopping!

Best Selling Microphone Isolation Shields

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