Law, Legal, Legislation Speech Topics [Persuasive, Informative]

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Persuasive and Informative speech topics about legal issues, laws, legislation.

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  1. Should it be legal for people to own exotic pets such as tigers or chimps?
  2. Is the fast food industry legally accountable for obesity?
  3. Should the U.S. government add an extra tax for fatty snacks and junk food?
  4. Should it be legal to smoke in parks and other similar outdoor locations?
  5. Would you support English being the official language of the USA?
  6. Do you think abortions should be legal?
  7. Should the government declare gambling and sports betting illegal?
  8. Do you believe the government should recognize same-sex marriage?
  9. Do you believe that not wearing a seatbelt should be illegal?
  10. Would it be better if the voting age was lowered to thirteen?
  11. Should minors who commit serious crimes be charged as adults?
  12. Should people who play music too loud face fines?
  13. Bullying should be taken seriously and be illegal.
  14. Should people who fail to recycle be obliged to pay a fine?
  15. Do you believe medicinal marijuana should be legalized?
  16. The age to be eligible for Social Security benefits should not exceed 62.
  17. Should abortions be considered illegal?
  18. Do you think immigration laws need to be revised?
  19. Why smoking should be illegal in public places.
  20. Why the U.S. should have mandatory military service.
  21. Drunk driving laws don’t seem to be working.
  22. Should homosexuals have marriage rights?
  23. Should a hunting license be necessary?
  24. Why we should have capital punishment.
  25. Child labor should be banned.
  26. Assisted suicide should be legal.
  27. Why we should legalize drugs.
  28. Lower the drinking age.
  29. Drinking and driving needs tougher laws.
  30. Gay marriage should be protected.
  31. Malicious computer criminals should face life imprisonment.
  32. Spam and disruptive commercial messages should be outlawed.
  33. Federal laws should change to intercept text messages used to rally enemies.
  34. Bars should be closed on Sundays.
  35. Capital punishment should be mandatory for all life crimes.
  36. No right to vote for convicted felons.
  37. Current child custody laws cause further harm to already broken families.
  38. Fifteen years should be the new legal drinking age.
  39. Front passenger seats are not meant for children.
  40. Government should have the authority to decide who can have children.
  41. Heavier fines should be issued to bikers caught not wearing safety helmets.
  42. Impose sanctions on countries that do not prohibit child labor.
  43. Juvenile delinquents should be sentenced to bootcamp.
  44. Mothers have the right to breastfeed where ever they need to.
  45. No amnesty for illegal immigrants.
  46. Our constitution should protect hate speech.
  47. Plea bargaining weakens the position of a defendant.
  48. Police should always be held accountable for roughing-up nonviolent activists.
  49. Police should further investigate all complaints of domestic violence.
  50. Prisoners should be put to work in community services.
  51. The CIA’s ‘torture flights’ really did exist and are a shame to our nation.
  52. The Bill of Rights should be updated and refurbished.
  53. The criminal justice system has too many shortcomings.
  54. The FBI should get court permission before monitoring e-mail traffic.
  55. The fear of making capital punishment mistakes conflicts with justice.
  56. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not universal at all.
  57. Tighten paparazzi regulations to protect celebrities.
  58. Trial by a citizen jury is not objective.
  59. We should not elect our local judges.
  60. Welfare mothers should be treated as working mothers.
  61. Legalizing the sale of human organs will reduce the lack of organ donors.
  62. Opt-out system increases organ donations.


  1. How laws are made.
  2. How volunteer attorneys help low-income clients access the civil justice system.
  3. Responding to campus massacres according to law.
  4. The importance of international courts.
  5. The purpose of espionage sedition acts.
  6. What forms of evidence are allowed in criminal investigations?
  7. Wire-tapping needs permission.

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