259 Interesting Speech Topics [Examples + Outlines]

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Written By Jim Peterson

Jim Peterson has over 20 years experience on speech writing. He wrote over 300 free speech topic ideas and how-to guides for any kind of public speaking and speech writing assignments at My Speech Class.

interesting speech topicsInteresting speech topics guide, including seven ways to find, and refine and precise some good subjects in the speechwriter’s process.

The most asked question I get almost every day from students is this:

What makes a topic interesting?

Well, the answer is simple. You have to like it yourself, the subject has to be appropriate to the rules of the assignment, to the audience and the setting of the meeting:

How To Find An Interesting Topic

1 – Look in magazines, journals, and newspapers for events.

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Current or historical, that does not matter at this point, both are okay – and recent engaging and exciting facts, and perhaps valuable information that attracts the attention.

Articles about subjects that interests you and that are comfortable for you to talk about are good indications.

2 – Jot down any possible idea that comes up for interesting speech topics. I always draft a short list for myself of candidate issues if I am contracted for a public speaking engagement.

And then I skip the ones that are too difficult and too complex to prepare and master in 8 to 10 minutes time.

3 – Review some online books on the subject for more detailed current information about your topic. Or go to a library and ask for books and reference articles about your subject.

Without exception, all librarians I know will help you sorting out the speechwriter subject with their advice and recommendations. For example you choose for an alluring pleasure physical activity or farming and countryside topic.

Try to understand how the author has covered it. What’s his structure? What points, information or arguments are the strongest? What examples and illustrations has she or he used?

4 – Peerless reliable statistics and new discoveries can help writing and refining.

Look for controversies, rare and strange opinions. What do you think of it? What do you want your audience to think of it?

5 – Think about related engaging interpretive hints to talk about. When you view your rough list, try to find new points, different angles of view or just turn your thoughts upside down. Look at the special aspects that surprise the listeners.

>>> For example try these 2 more detailed summary outlines with main points and subpoints. Use my sample structure to add or otherwise wipe steps and stages you do not need.

>>> In addition to these patterns, you find more ideas for outlined main points in my Minute Section (in the navigation menu bar right on your left of this portal page). Or move straight to sixty plus lineups for speechwriters.

That can be very enlighting for enhancing public discernment. They also can see, feel, or even taste and smell what you try to explain or demonstrate in a couple of minutes.

6 – Look for supporting and also for opposing opinions, plus interesting speech topics statements. Add visual aids where you want to emphasize or to give some prominence to an unimaginable point in your interesting topic idea.

7 – Watch news shows, history documentaries and debating programs – for example, the morning shows and the evening news. They are especially helpful for developing a rough list of wheedling brainstorms.

Interesting Speech Topic Examples

Best Interesting Speech Topics

Don’t have time to read our full list of 200+ topic ideas? Here is our list of 10 interesting speech topics.

  1. Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder
  2. Children don’t play enough
  3. Animal testing is necessary
  4. Girls are too mean to each other
  5. Men should get paternity leave
  6. Tattoos are an addiction
  7. If I had a year to do what I want
  8. Butterflies: deadly creatures
  9. How to ruin a date in the first minute
  10. The meaning of dreams

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics

Here is our list of top interesting persuasive speech topics.

  1. Beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder.
  2. Hyper active kids don’t need medication.
  3. Books are always better than the movie.
  4. Pick up lines do work.
  5. Televise all court proceedings.
  6. Suspend referees that are found to show too much bias.
  7. There is no place for monarchs any more.
  8. It is false that no one is above the law.
  9. You tube needs to monitor comments.
  10. Online friends show more compassion.
  11. Cross cultural couples respect each other more.
  12. Graffiti must be recognised as art.
  13. You can loose weight without exercising.
  14. Children don’t play enough.
  15. Carpets are harmful and shouldn’t be in homes.
  16. Sex education doesn’t work.
  17. Ban smoking in all public places.
  18. Women cheat just as much as men.
  19. Prohibit destruction of rainforests.
  20. Global warming is a myth.
  21. Justice is never the same for all.
  22. Video games are not the blame of violence at school.
  23. Financial rewards is the only way employees stay loyal.
  24. The world isn’t only black and white.
  25. Give girls over 16 contraceptives without parents consent.
  26. Calories should be included in restaurant menus.
  27. Sugar tax won’t reduce obesity.
  28. Pregnancy as a result of rape should be terminated.
  29. All couples must live together before getting married.
  30. Animal testing is necessary.
  31. Children’s beauty pageants are wrong.
  32. There are not enough cameras in public spaces.
  33. Freedom of speech rights needs to be rewritten.
  34. Random DUI test should be done on parents picking up children after school.
  35. Atheists are more peaceful than religious people.
  36. Heterosexual men and women can be just friends.
  37. Adoptive parents need maternity leave too.
  38. Print advertisements don’t work.
  39. Click bate headlines are the cause of less followers.
  40. Don’t give children allowances.
  41. Stop checking in on social media.
  42. There would be more divorces if couples didn’t have children.
  43. Compensate organ donors.
  44. Celebrities are not role models.
  45. Do drug tests on welfare recipients.
  46. Stem cell research is murder.
  47. People should be considered adults at 21.
  48. Religion is the cause of war.
  49. Life was not easier a century ago.
  50. Men are better forgivers.
  51. Making substances illegal only makes people want them more.
  52. Parenting classes must be compulsory.
  53. Helicopter parents are damaging their children.
  54. Give working moms special privileges.
  55. Social media fame is a scam.
  56. Make paparazzi photographing children a criminal offence.
  57. Food should never be seen as a reward.
  58. 6 hours is not enough sleep for an adult.
  59. People can live without eating meat.
  60. Curfews do not keep teens out of trouble.
  61. Electronic textbooks don’t have the same impact as the printed version.
  62. This generation cannot fix anything.
  63. Boredom always leads to trouble.
  64. Girls are too mean to each other.
  65. Affirmative action isn’t right.
  66. School system is responsible for low test scores.
  67. Men should get paternity leave.
  68. Fast food needs to come with more warnings.
  69. Killing a murderer is immoral.
  70. Famous people must stay away from politics.
  71. Long distance relationships do work.
  72. Men are the stronger sex.
  73. Jobs shouldn’t be gender specific.
  74. Religion won’t die away.
  75. Women shouldn’t give birth after 40.
  76. Abortion is murder.
  77. Tattoos are an addiction.
  78. Drug addiction is a choice.
  79. Social media will run it’s course and die out.
  80. Caesarian sections are safer than normal births.
  81. There is a connection between science and religion.
  82. Never pay children for good grades.
  83. People in open marriages are not happy.
  84. The soul does exist.
  85. People’s salaries should reflect their performances.
  86. English will always be the business language of the world.
  87. Why you should always put yourself first.
  88. Earth has not been explored properly.
  89. Women are more intelligent than they give away.
  90. Alternatives to evolution exist.
  91. Prisons create criminals.
  92. Sick building syndromes exist.
  93. Strategic defense and ethics do not match.
  94. The War on Terror is based on a hidden agenda.
  95. Aging is a threat to pension funding.
  96. Airline safety restrictions won’t stop terrorists.
  97. Alcohol advertising stimulates underage alcohol use.
  98. All humans are spiritual in one way or another.
  99. Arts express the level of quality in different cultures.
  100. Atheists do care about Christmas.
  101. Australian aboriginal tattooing is art.
  102. Ban the filibuster from Congress.
  103. Body piercings can cause serious complications.
  104. Books are outdated.
  105. Censorship is a violation of freedom of speech.
  106. Charities must minimize the organizational and overhead costs.
  107. Child testimonies in abuse cases are not credible.
  108. Corporal punishment could be ethical, provided that it is proportional.
  109. Creative expression and creativity are not the same.
  110. Electronic baby timeshare does help to prevent teen pregnancy.
  111. English and Spanish should be the only languages in the world.
  112. Establishing democracy in Iraq is mission impossible.
  113. Fashion gurus have good reasons to promote skinny girls.
  114. Female genital mutilation is not unethical when done by cosmetic surgery doctors.
  115. Feminism will help improve the position of females in Africa.
  116. Fill in a country … should be condemned as human rights violator.
  117. Future generations have to keep their jobs until they drop.
  118. George Orwell was just right when he wrote his novel ‘1984’ … Big Brother is watching us all the time.
  119. Governments should not own news broadcasting corporations.
  120. Granting amnesty perpetuates immigration and makes border patrols fruitless.
  121. Harry Potter books are more popular among elderly persons.
  122. Hollywood movies have a bad influence on the world.
  123. Homelessness in rural areas is substantially undercounted compared to metropolitan and suburban areas.
  124. Hospitality is a valuable instrument to better foreign relationships.
  125. Houses affected by natural disasters should not be rebuilt.
  126. International satellite news broadcasting poses a threat to indigenous cultures.
  127. It is possible to be pro-life and pro-choice.
  128. It’s a myth that bottled water is better than tap water.
  129. Journalism codes are no longer respected by journalists.
  130. Limiting immigration is limiting opportunities.
  131. Link debt relief of developing countries to carbon emission reduction.
  132. Local aid to African communities is more effective than national aid.
  133. Mentally disabled people cannot be executed.
  134. Motivation courses only have one objective: to fund the instructor’s bank account.
  135. MP3 music belongs in the free public domain for educational institutions and the general public.
  136. News programs must be interesting rather than important.
  137. Open source software is better than Microsoft.
  138. Parental advisory labels hinder the freedom of speech of artists.
  139. People have the right to decide about their own life and death.
  140. Political correctness kills freedom of speech.
  141. Poverty can be cut by half in this century.
  142. Princess Diana’s death was not a tragic accident.
  143. Public insults should be considered as hate speech and should not be protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.
  144. Right to work laws are useless.
  145. Robin Hood was a not a hero.
  146. Sex and sexuality are from different hemispheres.
  147. Telling lies is a justifiable instrument.
  148. The local council elections in Cuba are no elections at all.
  149. The right to privacy is not absolute.
  150. There is no secure protection of property rights in developing countries.
  151. There should be cultural content quotas in broadcasting.
  152. Tobacco and alcohol billboards litter the streets.
  153. United Nations will never truly exist in Europe.
  154. Vegetarians would not eat vegetables if they were born in rural Africa.
  155. We should have a king instead of a president.
  156. Weblogs are intellectual property and therefore must be legally protected.
  157. With the current economic situation, we will all be working until we are old and grey.
  158. Zero tolerance is a useful instrument to prevent violence.

Interesting Informative Speech Topics

Here is our list of top interesting informative speech topics.

  1. A comparison of the official definition of terrorism in different parts of the world.
  2. A week of monastery life.
  3. Abu Sayyaf links to global terror organizations.
  4. Architectural movements in the late nineteenth century.
  5. Armed conflicts in Africa.
  6. Artificial intelligence opportunities.
  7. Biochemical weapons explained.
  8. Bioethics versus human rights.
  9. Combatting modern slavery.
  10. Debunking weight loss myths.
  11. Development goals of the United Nations.
  12. Everything we can find in our Solar System.
  13. Five ways to give and donate to charity funds.
  14. Forms of public diplomacy.
  15. Fraud detection systems explained.
  16. How giant sea aquariums are constructed.
  17. How nepotisms started in the Middle Ages.
  18. How the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is structured.
  19. How the American Civil War began.
  20. How the application for immigration and naturalization works.
  21. How the CIA can track terrorists.
  22. How to apply Feng Shui to your bedroom.
  23. How to outlaw reactionary conservative groups and individuals.
  24. Is it possible to clone humans?
  25. Major incidents and consequences in the first decade of this millennium.
  26. Middle East roadmap for peace.
  27. Migration trends.
  28. Offshore installation accidents over the years.
  29. Racism and cultural diversity in mass media.
  30. Refugees and forced displacement.
  31. Result on foreign aid funding in the long term.
  32. Scientific explanations for the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.
  33. State sponsored tyranny explained.
  34. The 9/11 Commission assignment and its main conclusions.
  35. The best consumer electronics innovations to date.
  36. The chain of cargo and freight services at international airports.
  37. The difference between soft and hard drugs.
  38. The effect of counter terrorism legislation on ordinary people.
  39. The European convention on human rights explained.
  40. The flying fortress called Air Force One.
  41. The four general goals of the Homeland Security Department.
  42. The functions of Samurai warriors in Ancient Japan.
  43. The future of fashion.
  44. The Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war.
  45. The governing system of rules during the Middle Ages.
  46. The history of Amtrak.
  47. The innovative and unique styling of Dodge trucks.
  48. The long term complications of sunburn.
  49. The philosophical doctrine of Nihilism.
  50. The pros and cons of pacifism.
  51. The relations between federal budget deficit, national debt and trade balance.
  52. The role of Emperor Akihito in Japan.
  53. The secrets of crop circles revealed.
  54. The short history of the second man on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin.
  55. The struggle to patent computer software.
  56. The war costs in Iraq and Afghanistan
  57. Two party system compared multiple party systems.
  58. What is acne and what are its causes.
  59. Why the NASA shuttle program was stopped.
  60. Why the Romans built huge aqueducts in France.
  61. Venezuela and the constitutional power crisis.
  62. A diamond exploration certification system will not prevent conflict-diamonds trade.
  63. Handwriting analysis and how it reveals aspects of your personality.
  64. Hindu Cinema: not just Bollywood movies.
  65. How many disasters always happen at Christmas time.
  66. How sleepwalkers perform the most unusual things while asleep.
  67. Different lifestyles of generations.
  68. Importance of sleeping
  69. The meaning of dreams
  70. What makes me happy
  71. My ideal trip to Asia
  72. What would it be like to live with a famous person?
  73. If I were a volcano
  74. If l could the queen
  75. How to ruin a date in the first minute
  76. Benefits of being a vegetarian
  77. How girls worldwide are treated differently
  78. History of Mainamati in Bangladesh
  79. Butterflies: deadly creatures
  80. Broccoli flavored Oreos
  81. The Importance of public speaking
  82. A world without boundaries
  83. Stars and shooting stars
  84. How I came to school for the first time
  85. Conspiracy theories
  86. The pros and cons of being dead
  87. Confusing grammar
  88. When my birthday was there
  89. Importance of languages
  90. If I had a year to do what I want
  91. How to study effectively
  92. If I walked backwards
  93. The power of a lie
  94. Power of words
  95. If I was invisible
  96. Why I smile
  97. Fear of the unknown
  98. Fashion trends I hate
  99. Why do we have toes?
  100. Why I want to be a lawyer (or whatever job u pick)
  101. How colours affect your mood

Topics with Outline

Need a topic for your speech about an interesting persuasion statement?

Here are some of the best speech ideas and two easy informative subjects you can alter into a firm convincing claim.

Need other attracting ideas?

Check the navbar on the left and you will find thousands of special hints and tips for your public presentation 🙂

1. Whistleblower Protection Is Not Effective

  1. Whistleblower laws don’t protect against reprisals, disciplinary measures and spin from superiors.
  2. Huge companies have enough money to buy legal advice for a long period, laws offer employees no financial shield.
  3. Legislation often doesn’t address the issue itself, the problem, the allegations often are not investigated.

Another topic for your speech on business could be on fair trade:

2. Is Fair Trade Really Fair?

  1. Protectionism and markets are often stronger than fair trade appointments.
  2. Buying products is subsidizing poor farmers and manufacturers in developing countries. It isn’t helping them to make them stronger.
  3. It is anti-competitive and it undermines the economy in Third World nations.

And what do you think of this explosive persuasive topic for your speech?

3. Nuclear Power Is Dangerous Stuff

  1. An accident could cause thousands of fatalities and for billions of dollars property damage.
  2. There is no proper technology to handle radioactive waste material.
  3. Health risks for people working in the plant and for those who are living nearby could not be foreseen in advance and certainly not at the long term.
  4. Costs of nuclear plant safety measurements are very high.

And now two informative suggestions for a topic for your speech. But you easily transform them into some of the best speech ideas for persuasion speeches:

4. Checklist Before Taking A New Job

  1. A bigger company means more interesting job and task opportunities.
  2. It makes it possible to extend your existing network of trusted contacts.
  3. Like to travel abroad? Is it a Yes or No?
  4. How about the probability that you will keep your job – in other words what about the job security? What are the hidden clues?
  5. Is there a chance you can make you professional dreams and personal goals come true?
  6. How about the pay? Get all salary information, and decide on how much you want to earn from the start.
  7. Are there other requirements? Some personal wishes you would like to fulfill?

5. The Advantages Of Working In The Night

  1. No disturbing by telephone.
  2. No traffic jam.
  3. Not being awakened by the alarm clock in early morning hours …

You can think about the disadvantages too … Approach this subject from different sides and you double your opportunities!

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