50+ Hook Examples: The Opening Lines That Make Your Essay Successful

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Writing a good paper starts with brainstorming a brilliant hook, which keeps your audience engaged with the text. There are many ways to formulate hooks, which will help your writing sound more original and compelling. Looking at some essay hook examples and tips on writing them is the first step to creating one of your own!

What is a Hook?

A “hook” is a sentence that grabs the reader’s attention and keeps them interested in the outcome of your academic text or research paper. The hook is found in the first sentence or two in the opening paragraph in an academic text and serves both as an introduction and an attention grabber.

In literature, such sentences are often found in novels. A great personal favorite of mine is Christmas Carol’s first sentence: “Marley was dead: to begin with. ” This invites tons of interesting questions and piques your curiosity, making you want to read along.

We come across hook examples in our day-to-day lives, scrolling through YouTube video titles and website links. Clickbait can be considered the hook of the modern world, and there are tons of techniques to learn from it.

However, this article will focus on essay hooks for academic papers specifically. In the section below, we’ll be discussing tips on writing hook sentences and engaging your reader’s interest through a single opening sentence.

Tips for Creating a Great Hook

There are different types of hook sentences in an essay introduction. We’ll take a look at each type, and a few tips, so later on, you can start formulating your own essay hooks based on these few examples.

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  • Question Hook: If you’re writing an art essay, philosophy paper, or business coursework, choosing a compelling and interesting question will leave the readers pondering throughout your text. The reader will automatically try to look for the answer within your research paper.
  • Strong Statement: The opening lines can be controversial, a bold claim – the best hooks for argumentative essays are. This method can shock your audience, and they’ll be curious to learn how you defend your argument.
  • Fact/Statistic Hook: These hook examples are used for scientific and academic assignments, allowing you to use a lesser-known fact or statistic which will grab the reader’s attention.
  • Metaphor/Simile Hook: You can set up a scene by telling a short story for your readers to imagine before getting to your essay’s core. This metaphor hook can be highly compelling and relatable to your audience.
  • Anecdotal Hook: The trickiest essay hook used to diffuse the tension surrounding a heavy topic. This tricky opening line should be carefully thought out and guaranteed to make the reader laugh and only used in the right circumstances.

If you’re using the fact/statistic hook, always make sure you quote a credible source. The same goes for the interesting facts hook type. Include those sources in the body of your essay.

It also helps to think of a hook you came across recently that made an impression on you. Was it a controversial blog post? A captivating personal story? A thesis statement that made you ponder?

Once you finish reading our article, it’s helpful to test your hook and introductory paragraph out to an audience. Have another student, tutor, or parent read it. See if it’s doing its purpose – is the reader engaged? What did they understand from your hook? Is the essay topic clear?

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time. Writing is a long process and requires a lot of rewriting. Take a small break and give it another go.

How to Write a Great Hook + Examples

There are two crucial points to follow when you write a hook:

  • Keep your sentences short – don’t overstuff your sentences or let them run longer than two rows.
  • Use simple, comprehensive language – the ultimate essay can be read and understood by anyone, even people outside your academic course.

It’s time to get to the examples!

Question Hook Examples

  1. What if I told you the world has an unlimited energy resource?
  2. How much screen time is too much for elementary school children?
  3. Is online education the best way to learn in the middle of a pandemic?
  4. Did you know women are twice as likely to experience clinical depression than men?
  5. Are your evening habits keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep?
  6. Do jobs that require degrees have a higher earning potential?
  7. How important is it for YouTubers to use search engine optimization strategies?
  8. Will the consumption of meat products become a luxury in the year 2050?
  9. Has reading become more challenging due to our short attention span?
  10. Have you ever wondered why traffic builds up on no-stop roads?
  11. Why we should feel sorry for high achievers?
  12. Why you don’t need to be exceptional?
  13. How much sugar do you think you consume?

Strong Statement Examples

  1. The effects of global warming are irreversible, so what can we do to optimize our living now?
  2. Should fireworks be banned due to noise pollution and its effect on animals?
  3. Has television died in place for streaming services?
  4. Is our hatred of certain foods and flavors a direct result of our genetic heritage?
  5. Android app development will die out in the next twenty years.
  6. You’ll always marry the wrong person.
  7. Why is ordinary life not good enough anymore?
  8. Why are romantics ruining love?
  9. “The wicked tend to win” Machiavelli
  10. The hardest person in the world to break up with.
  11. Some imaginary friends can cultivate independence in a child.

Fact/Statistic Hook Examples

  1. Did you know that space smells like seared steak?
  2. The human body houses 10 times more bacteria than it does cells.
  3. The longest war in the world is between the Netherlands and Sicily and here’s what happened.
  4. “A country that demands moral perfection in its foreign policy will achieve neither perfection nor security” H. Kissinger
  5. Cat purring can be beneficial to your health.
  6. There is a scientific explanation behind boredom.
  7. The average drunk driver drives under the influence more than 80 times before they get arrested for the first time.
  8. 1/3 of adults still sleep with a comfort toy in bed.
  9. The average American generates nearly 4.5 pounds of trash each day.
  10. The global rate for keeping good hygiene after using the toilet is 20%.
  11. Americans read for pleasure for less than 10 minutes every day.
  12. The average American eats around 13 pounds of ice cream each year.
  13. More than 1/2 million people experience homelessness each night.
  14. Approximately 90% of people who experience a cardiac arrest outside of hospitals die.
  15. Farmers and ranchers make up less than 2% of Americans.
  16. Approximately half of Americans will experience a mental illness during their lifetime.

Metaphor/Simile Hook Examples

  1. My cousin Joanna went to a party with red lipstick all over her teeth. I couldn’t help myself to tell her.
  2. I dressed up as a werewolf last Halloween. That’s when everything started.
  3. As a child my grandfather gave my grandma her favorite flower- a rose on every holiday. Does this kind of love still exist?
  4. Last year my parents dragged me to Paris six times. I had the most dreadful time – I just couldn’t understand how such a historic city can be so dirty, or why.
  5. The cause and effect example – when talking about the importance of safety, tell a story with an important moral.
  6. Imagine sitting by the fire with the love of your life…
  7. I have a four-year old baby – my publishing business I started in 2018.
  8. The picture of… brought back memories of…
  9. It’s difficult to talk about… because…
  10. If you were a famous person, would you…

Anecdotal Hook Examples

  1. When I was 6, I was given a pet hamster for Christmas. Needless to say, little Zach is gone now, but I wonder how long he could have lived if I had been given it at 12?
  2. One reason I decided to switch to a healthy diet is… well it’s cheaper than buying a whole new set of clothes!
  3. I like talking to myself. Sometimes I have these seemingly clever and long conversations. I hardly have a clue what I’m talking about.


Mastering the hook sentence is something you might end up using in your day-to-day life, especially if you go into academia, publishing, or journalism as a career choice. But that’s not it – we use hooks to communicate on social media. The title of our blog post or recent youtube video are examples of well-formulated hooks. The quicker you start practicing them the easier they’ll become to use.

If you’re having any other academic trouble, like coming up with essay topics, or you want to learn the outlines of the different essay types, we can help you with that! You’ll become an essay writing pro in no time! We’ve got some good and interesting research paper topics we’re proud of, as well as demonstration speech topics! Hook sentence examples are just the start!

We hope this article has helped you master the art of essay writing, and you now find the reader agrees with your point of view! Let us know of any good hook examples you came up with!

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