143 Family Speech Topics [Persuasive, Informative]

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family speech topicsThe topics that follow are about every day issues that families face. There are a range of topics about children, relationships between parents and children, relationships between two parents as well as relationships with other family members.

Some of these topics will deal with issues such as divorce, illness and death. There are a number of topics about children and their safety. These would all be good to use when your speech is about talking to children about serious things.

List of Family Speech Topics


  1. Children should go to daycare.
  2. The importance of listening to your parents.
  3. Internet chat rooms are dangerous places for kids.
  4. Child abuse prevention efforts should be increased.
  5. Domestic abuse awareness should be increased.
  6. Should parents lie to their children about Santa?
  7. It is better to have children at a young age.
  8. Older parents are usually more patient.
  9. The youngest child is usually the wild child.
  10. Middle child syndrome is a real thing.
  11. It is important that couples do not bad mouth each other to their children.
  12. The eldest child is usually the most responsible.
  13. Children do what their parents do and not what they tell them to do.
  14. Family traditions are important.
  15. It is good to give age appropriate chores to children.
  16. Letting children play outside makes them more creative.
  17. Family game nights are fun and important.
  18. Parents should not over schedule their children.
  19. Parents need to let children do things on their own.
  20. Children need to respect their elders and elders need to respect children.
  21. Parents need to teach their children about sexual abuse.
  22. Parents need to teach their children about physical and emotional abuse.
  23. It’s okay not to give children everything they want.
  24. Spending time with children is more important than spending money on them.
  25. The earlier parents start reading to their children, the better.
  26. Let children believe in Santa.
  27. Reasons why children need a family pet.
  28. Children should be taught to donate what they no longer use.
  29. Parents and teachers need to work together and not against each other.
  30. Children have more stressful lives now than what their parents did when they were children.
  31. Teaching children about good hygiene should start at a very young age.
  32. Children need to be taught about the dangers of the internet.
  33. Why children should not be allowed to have sleep overs.
  34. Parents need to speak to their children about the plans that are in place in the event of their parents death.
  35. Parents should not make their child kiss or hug any one that they don’t want to.
  36. Teenage pregnancies affect the whole family.
  37. Parents should never smoke near children nor allow anyone else to.
  38. How to handle family get-togethers when some family members don’t get along.
  39. No, you don’t have to invite all your family members to your wedding.
  40. What to do when your child is bullied.
  41. What to do when your child is the bully.
  42. Why your siblings are your true best friends.
  43. Yes, blood is thicker than water.
  44. Who in the family may discipline a child?
  45. Mothers and fathers need date nights and time alone.
  46. What to do when the children have left home and spouses realise that they have become strangers to each other.
  47. No, grandparents can’t feed children whatever they want.
  48. Children need to be taught about stranger danger.
  49. Is it okay for a young child to have a mobile phone?
  50. How to talk to children about that alcoholic uncle.
  51. Let children play in the rain and mud.
  52. Why mother’s need to stop telling everyone that their daughter is “now a woman”.
  53. Be a parent first and your child’s friend second.
  54. Why parents shouldn’t tell their children to “shut up”.
  55. Parents should not compare their children.
  56. Parents should rather save money for their child’s future than throwing over the top birthday parties.
  57. Why it is a bad idea to tell children to finish all the food on their plate.
  58. How to tell your obese family member that you are worried about their weight.
  59. Visit your parents, often it is the only thing that they have to look forward to.
  60. Send your mother flowers, just because.
  61. Why parents should be their child’s biggest supporter.
  62. Let children make up their own mind about religion.
  63. There is nothing wrong with co-sleeping with a baby.
  64. What to do when you don’t get along with your in-laws.
  65. How to deal with the family gossip.
  66. How cancer has a way of uniting families and bringing them closer together.
  67. Having strong-willed children is a good thing.
  68. Parents should never put their shy child on the spot.
  69. It’s okay to say no to children.
  70. It is important that parents talk to their children about puberty.
  71. Giving up on a child is never an option.
  72. Children do not need designer clothes.
  73. How to handle the fussy eaters in the family.
  74. How to explain divorce to children.
  75. Single parents should get more help from the government.
  76. Parents should spend time alone with each child.
  77. Why young kids should be in bed by 8 o’clock.
  78. When it is the right decision to put older parents in a retirement home.
  79. Never make a big issue about a child’s report card.
  80. It’s okay for a child to have an imaginary friend.
  81. Families should have code words in place in the event that they find themselves in danger.
  82. Parents should not fight in front of their children.
  83. One parent should not override the other parents’ rules.
  84. Children should make their own school lunch.
  85. Yelling at children doesn’t make them listen.
  86. Never choose work over your family.
  87. Please stop referring to adopted children as adopted.
  88. At what age should teenagers start dating?
  89. Never use children as a weapon against each other.
  90. 12 year olds should not be on social media.
  91. It is important for families to have dinner together around a table.
  92. Parents should never make their children feel like their mobile phones are more important than them.
  93. Parents need to apologize to their child when they are wrong.
  94. Why mothers and daughters are better friends when they are older.
  95. Children shouldn’t drink coffee.
  96. Parents should never force their own dreams on to their children.
  97. Age restrictions exist for children’s own good.
  98. Children shouldn’t be forced to spend time with people that they are uncomfortable with.
  99. Why ending an abusive marriage will be a good thing for the kids.
  100. No matter how old, children should always feel like their family home is their safety net.
  101. Ways in which parents should deal with their child’s spouse when they don’t like them.
  102. Children’s personal space needs to be respected.
  103. Why parents should go through their children’s mobile phones and other technology.
  104. Contrary to popular belief, teenagers do want boundaries to be set.
  105. Parents need to stop posting photographs of their children on social media if the children are not comfortable with it.
  106. Why social media check-ins are a bad idea with regards to children’s whereabouts.
  107. We have the right to favour certain relatives over others.
  108. Kids must not help with home cleaning tasks.
  109. The two-parent family works best.
  110. Special programs are needed for step children.
  111. Sex education is the responsibility of the parents.
  112. Seniors are too old to adopt children.
  113. Personal organization of your household is a specialist job.
  114. Parents should not spank their children.
  115. Parents should have a license for having children.
  116. Parents should be liable for illegal activities of their children.
  117. Parents are to blame for unruly children.
  118. Parents are responsible for the news their children see on TV.
  119. Men also have ticking biological clocks.
  120. Lock your guns if there are underaged children in the household.
  121. Nursing homes are the end of family visits.
  122. Feminism causes the break down of family lives.
  123. Family support services can prevent placing children in foster care.
  124. Children of divorced parents are at greater risk of depression.
  125. Parents must pick baby sitters more carefully.
  126. It is better for a child to grow up in the countryside than in a crowded city.
  127. Court-ordered child support does more harm than good on the long term.
  128. A happy childhood should be a universal Children’s Right.
  129. Parents should be allowed to choose the gender of a child.
  130. Domestic violence leads to loss of housing.
  131. Mothers should be home every afternoon when their children return from school.
  132. Babysitters should be at least 16 years old.
  133. Birth order influences your career.
  134. Make birth control methods more easily available to the third world.
  135. All toddlers should be required by law to take swimming lessons.
  136. A child must be at least 10 years old before staying home alone in a safe neighbourhood.
  137. Single parents should be allowed to adopt children.


  1. The impact of divorce on children.
  2. Picking a name for your children.
  3. When do babies start talking?
  4. Parenting solutions to discipline children and toddlers without arguing and yelling.
  5. Aspects of life the past that we want to keep, appreciate and enjoy and to pass on to our children.
  6. Non-profit organizations that help families.

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