Free Birth Control Persuasive Speech

The birth control debate has been raging for years. It’s one of those controversial and thought-provoking topics that everyone seems to have an opinion on. What happens when you have to turn that opinion into a well-structured, powerful, and convincing speech, though? You might find yourself stuck.


On this page, you will find a free downloadable birth control persuasive speech example, and a professionally written outline, as well as: 

  • Topic suggestions on birth control
  • Creative attention grabbers to start your speech 
  • Helpful examples of subject points and talking points
  • Original ways to end your speech 
  • Inspirational YouTube videos
  • A bibliography of resources

Speech Example

Birth Control Persuasive Speech Example

If you’re curious to see how a professional writer would craft a persuasive speech on birth control, simply download our speech example below. Having a solid example in front of you might help you start writing your own. 

Number of words: 1100-1800
Number of pages: 2-3
Type: Persuasive
Duration: 5 minutes
Style: Casual / Informal
Download: Birth Control Persuasive Speech

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Outline Example

In this section, we have prepared a ready-to-be-used persuasive speech outline with examples of introductory and closing remarks, talking points, and thesis statements related to the topic of birth control

A vast and controversial topic like birth control can easily turn into a disorganized information delivery. Choose an angle and stick to it. Here are some ideas on approaching the topic of birth control. 

Speech Characteristics


Topic 1# Birth control and contraceptives should be free. 

Topic 2# Contraceptives should be distributed in high school. 

Topic 3# Taking birth control pills is a responsible choice.

Specific Purpose

Topic 1# Birth control can be expensive for some women. Every woman should be able to choose whether or not to have children, not just those who can afford it.

Topic 2# Distributing contraceptives (condoms, birth control pills, etc.) in high school will promote safer sex and reduce teen pregnancies.

Topic 3# Convincing the audience to be “pro” birth control pills by discussing the positives and negatives.

Central Idea

Topic 1# Contraceptives should be a woman’s right, not a woman’s expenditure. 

Topic 2# High school provided contraception is beneficial, as teen pregnancy rates drop dramatically. 

Topic 3# Having children before you are able to support them financially can have dramatic consequences. 

Speech Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Attention grabber – This attention-getter is the first thing the audience hears when you start your speech. A well-written attention grabber has the power to engage the audience from the start, pique their interest and have them listen to your entire speech.
      • Would you ever let someone else decide what is good for you? If not, why aren’t teenagers free to choose their type of birth control?
      • Imagine the following scenario: Layla and Matt fall in love in high school and decide to take things to the next level. Unfortunately, they are unable to afford contraceptives. Layla becomes pregnant. How do you think this will affect both their futures?
      • Did you know that 45% of all pregnancies in the US are unintended and occur in 3 out of 4 women under 20?
    2. Thesis – Thе thesis statement informs the audience of your stance on the topic discussed. Here are some examples of possible thesis for a persuasive speech on birth control:
      • Birth control should be available for free, especially for sexually active teenagers above 15 years old.
      • Distributing free contraceptives in high school can lower teenage pregnancy rates.
      • Oral contraceptives have numerous benefits, aside from preventing pregnancies.
    3. Qualifications – The audience needs to trust that you are a legitimate source of information. It helps to introduce yourself as someone qualified to speak on the subject. Here are some examples of possible qualifications you might have as e presenter of a persuasive speech about birth control:
      • Are you a pharmacist or someone who distributes contraceptives?
      • Are you an OB-GYN or other type of doctor/nurse qualified to talk about the subject of birth control?
      • Have you completed a sexual education course?
      • Are you a student of medicine or obtaining expertise on female reproductive health/childbirth/pregnancy?
      • Do you have a personal story concerning birth control that influenced making this speech?
      • Are you a writer on female rights/ birth control or a similar topic related to the speech?
  2. Body

    Now that you have made a convincing introduction, it’s time for the portion of the speech where you present the reasons that support your statement. Like an informative speech, you should support eаch reason with factual arguments.

    1. Women should be able to choose whether or not to use contraceptives. Some women are ultimately stripped of that decision by putting a price tag on contraception and birth control. (Provide one reason as to why listeners should act or think the way your thesis suggests.)
      1. Providing birth control at no cost will substantially reduce unplanned pregnancies and abortions. – Support for the reason given above.
      2. Not being able to pay for contraception typically means not being able to pay for supporting a child. Birth control could aid low-income women significantly. – Support for the reason given above.
    2. High schools should be able to provide access to free contraceptives and birth control and give the option to teenagers to use protection. Since teenagers will have sex anyway, why not help them prevent pregnancy as well? (Provide one reason as to why listeners should act or think the way your thesis suggests.)
      1. We have already seen that abstinence-only sexual education achieves the opposite – leading to higher teenage pregnancy rates. (Support for the reason given above.)
      2. Providing free contraception to teenagers will save them from discussing these intimate decisions with parents, especially if they feel uncomfortable. School-provided protection is also beneficial to parents, giving them reassurance that their children always have protection if they need it. (Support for the reason given above.)
    3. Birth control isn’t only used for preventing pregnancy. It has numerous other benefits and positive side effects. (Provide one reason as to why listeners should act or think the way your thesis suggests.)
      1. Birth control can ease heavy periods and significantly reduce period cramps and pain in the lower abdomen by thinning out the uterus lining. – Support for the reason given above.
      2. Some estrogen and progesterone pills can even reduce hormonal acne and prevent hair growth in unwanted areas. – Support for the reason given above.
      3. Birth control pills can also reduce your chances of developing ovarian cancer in half.
  3. Conclusion
  4. The conclusion is the most crucial part of the speech. It’s the place where you tie all your arguments together into a clear and concise point. It should be organized into three parts:

    1. Summary – Briefly remind the listeners why they should agree with your position.
      • Giving free access to birth control pills to women can empower them to choose the best and safest options for themselves.
      • Students would feel better knowing that they have had safe sex. This will teach them responsibility, and the number of teen pregnancies would be significantly reduced.
      • Birth control pills have been around since the 60s, and their many health benefits continue to aid women to this day.
    2. Unique ending/ Audience challenge – End your speech with a powerful closing thought or recommend a course of action.
      • It is vital for teens to have access to birth control because their lives could become much more complex or even dangerous without it.
      • Learning about the importance of sexual health, birth control, and its positive side effects can change the controversy around the subject of the “birth control pill.”
    3. Always thank the audience for listening.
      • You now know why teenage girls should have access to free birth control. Thank you for listening.
      • Thank you for listening to this speech on birth control, and I hope that you have learned something today that can help you make the right choice.

YouTube Examples

Your speech is ready and you’re rehearsing in front of the mirror? Not quite sure what to do with your hands or where to make a dramatic pause? Check out how YouTubers did it. Pay close attention to their body language, tone, and expression. Not just that but some videos include facts on the subject that might help you back up your research.

Youtuber and sex educator Hannah Witton discusses birth control with Dr. Costescu.

A to-the-point persuasive speech on the subject of birth control.

An excellent example of an attention grabber and a beautiful speech. 

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