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Capturing your background, skills, and objectives into a short and clever elevator speech can be difficult. How do you know what to keep and what to leave out? How do you make an impression in such a short time?

Standing out with your elevator speech doesn’t have to be complicated. With a little practice, you’ll gain confidence in introducing yourself at a job interview, career fair, and, of course, on an elevator ride! Here’s a quick guide to help you craft the perfect pitch along with several elevator speech examples.

Tips for Creating a Good Elevator Speech

elevator speech
Everyone needs a good elevator speech – also known as a 30-second commercial to introduce yourself and what you have to offer. The idea is that you should be able to deliver a quick and convincing proposal to your target market in the time it takes for an elevator ride up a few floors.

The elements that make up a great elevator speech outline are pretty straightforward. You need to describe who you are, what you do, and what your goal is. While the elevator speech template stays the same whether you’re speaking with a potential employer or a sales prospect, you might add other elements to match your unique situation.

Here are a few tips for crafting your personal elevator pitch:

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  • Keep it 30 to 60 seconds long.
  • Use persuasive speech to spark your listener’s interest.
  • Showcase your qualifications or skills.
  • For a sales pitch, try starting with an open-ended question.
  • Describe who you help and what problem you aim to help them solve.
  • Be ready to customize your speech to fit your target audience.

Whether you’re a business owner preparing for a networking event or a job seeker attending a job fair, you can benefit from perfecting a succinct and effective elevator pitch. A go-to elevator speech comes in handy when you’re introducing yourself to new people in general. Have a business card on hand and ready to deliver as well.

Your elevator speech can also provide the right content for social media bios or a resume objective statement. This statement represents your personal brand, so keep it consistent across all social media channels.

Be sure to practice your elevator statement over and over so that you’re able to deliver it naturally, even in a moment’s notice. If you’re stumped for ideas, draw from the elevator speech examples listed below.

A Sample Elevator Speech Outline

This model suggestion plan assists you to avoid creating a sales pitch. It must be from your mouth and supporting body language gestures, and about your skills and abilities. Use each idea to write one short powerful sentence.

The 10 speech topics I will explicate right now in the next paragraphs are primers to write a carefully planned and prepared presentation that grabs attention and says a lot in a few words.

Remember: tweak till it fits your personality and decisive nature.

1. Smile to your counterpart, and open with a statement or question that grabs attention: a hook that prompt your listener to ask questions.
2. Tell who you are: describe you and your company.
3. Tell what you do and show enthusiasm.

4. Tell what problems have solved or contributions you have made.
5. Offer a vivid example.
6. Tell why you are interested in your listener.

7. Tell what very special service, product or solutions you can offer him or her.
8. What are the advantages of working with you? In what do you differ from competative companies?

9. Give a concrete example or tell a short story, show your uniqueness and provide illustrations on how you work.

10. What is the most wanted response? Do you want a business card, a referral or an corporate appointment for a presentation after your elevator speech?


These are other points, questions and business subjects you could ask:

  • Who is your target?
  • How large is your market volume?
  • How do you make profits?
  • What are the background, major milestones and achievements of your team?
  • Who are your competitors, how do they solve a problem? What is your strength and advantage compared to them? What is your Unique Selling Proposition?
  • Are there special patents or technology? Do you have a special approach in client management? And so on.

Checklist For Fine-tuning

STEP 1: First write down all that comes up in your mind.

STEP 2: Then cut the jargon and details. Make strong short and powerful sentences. Eliminate unnecessary words.

STEP 3: Connect phrases to each other. Your elevator speech address has to flow natural and smoothly. Do not rush, keep eye contact all the time and work steady to the grande finale: the call to action.

STEP 4: Memorize key points and practice out loud – test it with a close relative in the safe environment of your home.

STEP 5: Have you really answered the key question of your listener: What’s In It For Me?

STEP 6: Create different versions for different business situations of your elevator speech. Note them on professional business cards:

Elevator Speech Examples

Perfect your own elevator presentation by learning from others. Here are a few effective elevator pitch examples to help you craft your own:

1. Job Seeker Elevator Pitch Example


You run into all kinds of people at the elevator, even a hiring manager. This sample elevator speech is a good example for those looking for a job interview. It shows how you can highlight your skills and experience even when you’re caught off guard. Notice how she also has a business card ready?

“I’m excited to hear back because the position helps me to use my brand management and social media skills…”

2. Recent Graduate Great Elevator Pitch

This is an excellent example for those who recently graduated with a bachelor degree in business. Notice that she states exactly what she’s looking for – an internship or job opportunity. In just 41 seconds, she states her experience, skills, and some good details about her personality that make her the perfect job candidate.

“I hope to incorporate my business knowledge into consumer trend analysis and strengthening relationships among consumers…”

3. College Student Personal Elevator Speech

This college freshman opens with her interest in the company. She states her major and reflects on high school experiences, also sharing relevant awards she has won for her skills.

“I’ve gotten awards for my leadership skills and I’m very involved with my college…”

4. Personal Brand Elevator Pitch Template

This college graduate pitches his personal brand through stating the skills he acquired in his education, the type of job he is looking for, and why he wants to work in that type of job. He offers a good mix of talking about his own experience while also focusing on how he’ll help clients. He ends his speech with the call to action of directing his audience to his website.

“I strive to lead a team on various projects one day.”

5. Personal Brand Pitch with a Personal Touch


Video pitches are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to connect with brands online. This college student’s personal brand sales pitch stands out because it opens and closes with inspirational music. She explains her personal promise and future plans to receive her master degree.

“I promise to always bring positivity to the table and to remain hard working and dedicated no matter what the task.”

6. Business Plan Effective Elevator Speech

This example is perfect for a small business owner looking to pitch a product. The speaker opens with a compelling situation that appeals to his target market, offers his solution and details the features and benefits, announces his promise, and states his objective – all in 51 seconds.

“Don’t let frost bite your buns. Get the hot seat!”

7. Small Business Elevator Speech Sample

Opening with an interesting fact of how much Americans spend on fishing each year, the speaker follows up with an open-ended question to immediately grab audience attention from her target market. This is a great example of a sales pitch to investors, as the speaker outlines her plan for marketing her product and making their ROI (Return on Investment).

“Our goal is to revolutionize the economics of fishing in favor of the customer.”

8. Financial Advisor Elevator Speech

Ron Coleman explains who he is as a financial advisor, who he works for, and what exactly he helps his clients do. Additionally, he explains the type of people who benefit from his services.

“I’m confident that if given the opportunity I can provide you with the service and the coverage you need in order to protect your business, you, and your family from a variety of different risks.”

9. The Career Fair Elevator Pitch

This funny elevator speech example is the perfect model for a job seeker attending a job fair. The speaker highlights the importance of expressing interest in the company by acknowledging their work and asking a related open-ended question. Of course, lead with your own experience and skills that are relevant to the company representative whom you’re speaking with.

“I read on your website that you are the only company that has increased efficiency by employing mannequins. Can you tell me a bit more about that process?”

10. Good Elevator Speech for Speed Networking

This example from a holistic marketing mentor shows how you can sum up who you are, what you do, and the people you can help in one quick and savvy sentence.

“I help wellness professionals find additional revenue streams so that they can help more people and live a life of ease and grace.”

11. Extreme Sale Pitch Example with Iron Man Jericho Missile Test Scene

Sure, you might not ever get the opportunity to pitch a missile system, but you can take away a lot from Robert Downey Jr.’s confidence as Iron Man. Notice how he opens with a thought-provoking question, offers his guarantee, and humbly ends with a bonus.

“That’s how Dad did it, that’s how America did it, and it’s worked out pretty well so far.”

12. Don Draper’s Funny but Effective Sales Pitch

This funny elevator speech example shows the importance of using a tagline for your personal brand.

“From a basket of kisses she picks one. It makes her unique. It colors her kiss. And her kiss, well, it colors her man. Mark your man.”

13. Real Estate Elevator Speech Example

This is the perfect elevator pitch example for real estate agents. Stacy talks about what she specializes in and highlights her experience in the real estate industry.

“If you know of someone who is looking for a real estate agent in the metropolitan Kansas City, Missouri area that is professional, knowledgeable, and technologically savvy, that’s me!”

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