292 Education Speech Topics [Persuasive, Informative, Argumentative]

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Education is a human right and everyone is entitled to one. Problems arise when people disagree on what is right and wrong with education. Below are topics that everyone involved in or with education often face at some point.

education speech topics

List of Education Speech Topics


  1. Should boys and girls have separate classrooms?
  2. Should schools sell soft drinks and candies to students?
  3. Should gym grades impact grade point average?
  4. Would it be better if schools with low test scores were closed?
  5. A psychological screening should be taken before you are admitted to college.
  6. Do you think it should be legal for students to drop out before they turn 18?
  7. Should schools have a mandatory life skills class?
  8. Should state colleges be free?
  9. Should notebook computers replace textbooks?
  10. Why we should support education in developing countries.
  11. Businesses must not have a say in the education process.
  12. College is not meant for everyone.
  13. Children are taught to read too late.
  14. Ultimately education begins at home.
  15. Children do not fear educators.
  16. Teachers earn too little.
  17. Textbooks are more effective than iPads.
  18. Second languages should be compulsory.
  19. Homework does not improve grades.
  20. Teachers deserve their long holidays.
  21. Corporal punishment doesn’t adjust behaviour.
  22. Technology must be used in schools.
  23. Students with good attendance records should be rewarded.
  24. Teachers must be held accountable for bad results.
  25. American schools must have armed guards.
  26. Teachers should have to pass a skills test every 5 years.
  27. Free college for all students with good academic results.
  28. Expel cyberbullies from schools.
  29. More importance must be placed on art and music.
  30. Allow mobile phones in high schools only.
  31. Schools should only offer healthy foods and drinks.
  32. Not enough support is given to education in developing countries.
  33. Make dropping out of school a criminal offense.
  34. Students in public schools work harder.
  35. The school year needs to be longer.
  36. Teach home economics in all schools.
  37. Taking a gap year before starting college is beneficial.
  38. Give alternative education the recognition it is due.
  39. Quality of adult training is poor.
  40. Grades never indicate intelligence.
  41. Learning music at a young age positively affects brain development.
  42. Teach etiquette in schools.
  43. Not enough time is spent reading in schools.
  44. Reading will maximize a child’s love of learning.
  45. Textbooks should be free.
  46. There is no place for religion in education.
  47. Gardening should be practiced at schools.
  48. Sex education isn’t taught properly.
  49. Schools must embrace social media.
  50. Kids learn most from the fun teachers.
  51. Face to face learning is superior to online learning.
  52. Divide classes into genders.
  53. Incorporate cultural events into the school program.
  54. Skills test are inaccurate.
  55. Lack of sleep limits ability to learn.
  56. Reading comic books makes you smarter.
  57. TV shows have zero educational value.
  58. Google is a threat to libraries.
  59. Electronics has robbed children of real mental stimulation.
  60. Allow religious dress in schools.
  61. The education system is outdated.
  62. There is not enough discipline in schools.
  63. Old school values are important.
  64. Private school education is no advantage at a university.
  65. IQ tests are flawed.
  66. There is not enough innovation in education.
  67. All schools need uniforms.
  68. Make discipline part of the grading system.
  69. Schools are too business-like.
  70. Allow high school students to choose own academics.
  71. Pressures of education are ruining childhoods.
  72. Bullies should make public apologies at school.
  73. Chewing gum helps students concentrate.
  74. Math and science should be the main focus in schools.
  75. There is a need for practical things to be taught at schools.
  76. Competitive situations motivate kids.
  77. Montessori schools develop independent thinkers.
  78. Moral education is a lost cause.
  79. All educators must be trained to do proper first aid.
  80. Online encyclopedias are inaccurate.
  81. There are too many subjects taught at school.
  82. Physical schools will never become obsolete.
  83. Make up should not be allowed at schools.
  84. The government must stop interfering in how students should be taught.
  85. School projects offer no benefits.
  86. Students have the right to protest.
  87. No child must be forced into sports.
  88. Print books are better for learning than ebooks.
  89. Cursive writing is outdated.
  90. Stranger danger must be highlighted at schools too.
  91. Children’s books are educational tools.
  92. Grades do matter.
  93. Technology is responsible for people not knowing how to spell.
  94. Stricter background checks must be done when hiring educators.
  95. The best schools are in Denmark.
  96. Free education will lower poverty rates.
  97. Dictionaries should be free.
  98. The internet does not make people smarter.
  99. Classroom dissections shouldn’t be mandatory.
  100. Schools for younger kids should have a break just for eating.
  101. Too many principals lack vision.
  102. Pregnant teens must still get an education.
  103. Random locker tests are necessary.
  104. Exams should only be for University students.
  105. Give out birth control in schools.
  106. Education is not a place for affirmative action.
  107. Corporal punishment does not help educate.
  108. Parental participation influences achievement positively.
  109. Leadership skills must be taught from young.
  110. Why educated people should volunteer as tutors
  111. Do you believe students who fail their classes should repeat the grade?
  112. Should minority groups be given priority when applying to colleges?
  113. Why Americans should not have to learn a foreign language.
  114. If you play a sport should you be required to take gym class?
  115. Why you should consider studying computer science.
  116. Universities should help students get a job after they graduate.
  117. Schools should teach both creationism and evolution.
  118. Should classes be based on periods of time or individual work?
  119. Do you think companies should be able to advertise in schools?
  120. Should students be able to go to the bathroom without asking?
  121. Should handwriting be taught in schools?
  122. Would it be better if schools started later in the morning?
  123. Do you think students should have open campus lunch breaks?
  124. Why we should be able to substitute study hall for a proper class.
  125. Should students be able to listen to music during classes?
  126. Schools should take students abroad.
  127. Should teachers be over a certain age?
  128. Should the teaching of multiple languages be mandatory?
  129. Should schools be more technologically advanced?
  130. Music education should be a priority in schools.
  131. Should students join Greek life on campus?
  132. Financial aid shouldn’t be based on income.
  133. Should home economics be required in all schools?
  134. Should Chinese classes be mandatory for students?
  135. Should Spanish classes be mandatory for students?
  136. SAT scores should affect college acceptance.
  137. Public schools are better than private schools.
  138. Should standardized testing be abolished?
  139. Studying abroad will benefit your future.
  140. Everyone has the right to education.
  141. Should students take the PARCC test?
  142. The importance of preparing children for kindergarten.
  143. Fifth graders should have study hall.
  144. We need more financial assistance for students.
  145. Don’t take education for granted.
  146. The school year should be longer.
  147. Why anime has educational value.
  148. Why college isn’t for everyone.
  149. Should children have homework?
  150. Students have too much work.
  151. Take a year off from school.
  152. Expand school breakfast programs.
  153. Tenure for professors should be protected.
  154. Minority scholarships should be increased.
  155. Alternative education should be increased.
  156. Education in prisons should be increased.
  157. Accelerated learning options should be increased.
  158. Educational costs should be lowered.
  159. Private schools should offer scholarships.
  160. School security needs to be improved.
  161. State lotteries should fund education.
  162. School violence can be prevented.
  163. Home schooling can be as high quality as going to school.
  164. Adult training programs should be improved.
  165. Every person should learn two or more languages.
  166. Is the Oxford comma necessary?
  167. Does the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 still work?
  168. Do not limit access to education for children of illegal migrant workers.
  169. Speaking recognition models can improve reading scores without expensive K-12 student loans for extra tuition vouchers.
  170. There should be an effective character education leadership course in our high school curriculum.
  171. Everyone should do a special Summer School course every year.
  172. There should be more competition into public education.
  173. Why poorly performing schools are performing poorly.
  174. The perfect student loan plan with low interest rates does not exist.
  175. We should introduce an appropriate formal dress code for our campus.
  176. The problem of illiteracy in our country is much bigger than most people think.
  177. The ACT curriculum-based educational and career planning tool is right when it states that most graduates are not ready for college education.
  178. Tuition vouchers programs upgrade academic performances for sure.
  179. Schools have the right to limit freedom of speech in classes.
  180. Video conferencing is the solution for improving classes in rural areas.
  181. Replace letter grades with number grades.
  182. People cannot be a part of modern society if they are illiterate.
  183. Keep race and ethnicity out of education admissions.
  184. Boys perform better in a only boys class.
  185. Students should be required to take foreign policy classes.
  186. Striving for high assignment grades is useless.
  187. MP 3 players are an aid that help with concentration.
  188. Motivating someone to study literature is a waste of time.
  189. Lack of education contributes to poverty.
  190. Knowledge management should be mandatory in each study curriculum.
  191. Replace examinations with other forms of assessments.
  192. Women are becoming the majority in universities because they are smarter.
  193. Improved driver education will reduce traffic fatalities significantly.
  194. Wikipedia is as accurate and reliable as Encyclopedia Britannica.
  195. The quality of education is lower than 15 years ago.
  196. Billingual education helps illegal immigrants to assimilate into our culture.
  197. Teachers must be paid based on performance.
  198. Higher education should only be accessible to good high school students.
  199. I can learn better by myself than with a teacher.
  200. Health and education are key to accelerate development in the third world.
  201. Quality classroom acoustics help education.
  202. Why Amish teenagers should be forced into compulsory high school education.
  203. Should classrooms be replaced with online teaching sessions?


  1. It would help ESL students to take state tests in their native language.
  2. Human resources management in colleges.
  3. What to know about transferring colleges.
  4. The responsibility of parents and students regarding education.
  5. The history of special education over the past 30 years.
  6. The mental effort that intelligent writing necessitates.
  7. How visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners are different.
  8. Cooperative learning in education in the Philippines.
  9. The benefits of personality development camps for students.
  10. The importance of arts and languages in education.
  11. The uses of dioramas for geography instruction.
  12. Moving out of the dorm to an apartment off campus.
  13. Education is the best weapon against poverty.
  14. Improving the active learning curve in education.
  15. Why classes in school should be 45 minutes long.
  16. How school does not prepare you for the real world.
  17. The benefits of online learning.
  18. The effects of studying while listening to music.
  19. Computers benefit students in school.
  20. How to bring back the passion for education.
  21. The benefits of making college free.
  22. The benefits of field trips for students.
  23. The most important factors that affect student performance.
  24. Why travel is beneficial to education.
  25. How to earn income as a student.
  26. How to unleash your inner geek.
  27. The importance of high school service learning programs.
  28. The importance of higher education.
  29. The importance of maintaining order on campus.
  30. How to find student discounts.
  31. Teachers should be paid more money.
  32. Education is the master key to all.
  33. The negative effects of the privatization of higher education.
  34. How to write an informative essay.
  35. The benefits of having free textbooks.
  36. How to get a student job on campus.
  37. The importance of not taking education for granted.
  38. The best way to spend your senior year.
  39. The basics of getting a fellowship.
  40. The importance of mathematics.
  41. The rising cost of education.
  42. How to survive freshman year.
  43. Technology in the classroom.
  44. The effects of discrimination in education.
  45. The qualities of a good student.
  46. The different learning styles students have.
  47. The education system in Pakistan.
  48. How to ace the GRE.
  49. How to spot a diploma mill.
  50. Overcoming your fear of public speaking.
  51. The importance of financial education.
  52. How visual arts can be used for educational organizations.
  53. How to plan a Geology field trip.
  54. How to avoid plagiarism in essays.
  55. Smart debating techniques

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  1. Are academics and sports of equal importance?
  2. Should teachers have to take a yearly test to keep their jobs?
  3. Students should learn about world religions in public schools.
  4. Should sports be made a compulsory subject in universities?
  5. What are the benefits and drawbacks of school uniforms?
  6. Hungry students cannot learn, which is why free meals should be provided.
  7. Should students be held back for bad grades?
  8. Do colleges put too much stock in standardized test scores?
  9. Home education should only be allowed for medical reasons.
  10. CPR and first aid instruction should be mandatory in schools.
  11. Essays do not demonstrate a student’s knowledge on a topic.
  12. Should all students be randomly drug tested?
  13. Educational computer games should be used in school.
  14. Why the government should prevent violence in schools.
  15. Teachers should wear uniforms or obey a dress code.
  16. Why are sports trips paid for while club trips are not?
  17. Music education should be placed back into schools.
  18. Should teachers give out homework on the weekends?
  19. Sex education should be required in all schools.
  20. Exam scores do not reflect student performance.
  21. Testing and choice are undermining education.
  22. The benefits of attending a single-sex school.
  23. State colleges should be free to attend.
  24. There should be no religion in schools.
  25. Education should be free for everyone.
  26. Gender does not affect learning.
  27. Smoking and drinking on campus should be banned.
  28. Should homework be reduced?
  29. The pros and cons of Common Core.
  30. Exams should be abolished.
  31. Grades are not important.
  32. Why do we have homework?
  33. Teachers should be punished for rude behavior to students.
  34. Students should take a year off between college and high school.
  35. Why we should learn more than one language.

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