30+ Controversial Opinions That Will Get You Thinking

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Have you ever started an argument due to your controversial opinions? If so, you know the conversation can get heated up and often leads to even bigger arguments. Sometimes it just happens at the worst time, like a family dinner.

Well, there are ways of expressing your unpopular opinions without creating a hostile environment for everyone around you. That’s why it’s crucial to practice defending your argument. Training your debate skills is something that can help you in real life.

In the article below, we’ll discuss how to raise controversial opinions, provide you with a controversial opinions list, and advise how to express these unpopular opinions.

What is a Controversial Opinion?

Controversial opinions are often a reason for heated debate and form two opposing opinions. The word controversy means “going the opposite way”(from contra – opposite and versial – direction). It is important to note that there’s rarely a “right” or “wrong” controversial opinion. After all, we’re talking about opinions, not facts.

You’ll notice most controversial opinions create an ongoing debate and often are about serious issues such as gun violence, fundamental human rights, the death penalty, climate change, politics, and religious liberty.

Of course, a controversial opinion doesn’t have to be tied to such heavy topics. Sometimes a controversial statement is as simple as “I like pineapple on pizza” (which I do, by the way), an opinion that has created perpetual controversy since day 1.

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For example, I’d recommend starting off with easy controversial opinions before starting a serious discussion about police brutality and gender identity. Like the ones on our list, choosing simple topics will require less research and are less likely to have a negative emotional impact on someone.

Keep in mind that sometimes it’s not that easy to know if the topic will be considered easy by your recipients. “Staying awake in class is optional” might seem like a fun topic to you, but your teacher might not share your opinion.

What Are Some Examples of Controversial Opinions?

I can bet you’ll find at least one controversial topic on this list that you agree with. We have included everything from lifestyle, modern-day concerns, entertainment, and food! I’m sure some of the opinions below will stir you up too, so take them with a pinch of salt!

Consider playing Devil’s advocate with a topic that gets your blood boiling. Sometimes, choosing to defend the case you disagree with the most is the best way to improve your debate skills.

Pop Culture Unpopular Opinions

  • Elvis was not the king of rock and roll.
  • Kubrick faked the Moon Landing.
  • Religion is a made-up concept created to control society.
  • Higher education doesn’t lead to better-paid opportunities.
  • The Earth may be flat after all.
  • Horoscopes can help tell your future.
  • Instrumental music is more impactful than music with lyrics.
  • The show FRIENDS is overrated.
  • Watching a film at home is better than visiting a movie theater.

Food Related Unpopular Opinions

  • People should stop eating meat.
  • Pineapple goes on pizza.
  • Drinking cow milk is bad for you.
  • A hot dog is a type of sandwich.
  • Avocados are not sustainable or ethical.
  • Having a glass of wine a day when pregnant isn’t bad for you.
  • How do you make a PB and J sandwich?
  • Is water wet?
  • Milk does not build strong bones.

Harry Potter Unpopular Opinions

  • Harry and Ginny should not have ended up together.
  • Hermione should have ended up with Viktor Krum.
  • Albus Dumbledore was manipulative.
  • Harry is a horrible protagonist.
  • The movies are better than the books.
  • Slytherin and Gryffindor aren’t all that different.

Unpopular Relationship Opinions

  • There’s no such thing as true love.
  • Only men should pay for dinners and dates.
  • People should stop getting married.
  • Long-distance relationships can work.
  • There’s no such thing as a honeymoon phase.
  • Love is a choice, not a feeling.
  • People that spend 24/7 together are in an unhealthy relationship, even if they enjoy spending time together.
  • You can never find a serious relationship on Tinder.

Environmental Unpopular Opinions

  • Global warming is a fake concept.
  • Only men should pay for dinner.
  • Humans do not cause global climate change.
  • There are not enough plants for society to switch to a plant-based diet.
  • Climate change activists are extremists.
  • Plants do have feelings.

By now, you have probably found several unpopular opinions you disagree with. Know that we have no intention of taking a side on any of the subjects listed here. We know you’ll agree with some of these and disagree with others. Our role is to merely point you in a direction and leave you to unravel the truth!

How to Express a Controversial Opinion?

Thought-provoking topics can often lead to strong opinions. When discussing your controversial opinion, think about the audience. Chances are, you can divide it into 3 parts: the people that agree, the people that disagree, and the ones that haven’t decided yet. Your task isn’t to convince one or more groups to change their opinion on a subject – this can only lead to an argument. Instead, you want to open up a discussion. Here are some rules to follow so that you can manage a controversial conversation:

  • Listen. It sounds silly at first, but even if you have a heated discussion at the dinner table, some people taking part won’t listen to what others have to say. However, if you do it, you can show that you respect the person talking to you, despite having opposing opinions on the subject.
  • Be positive. Try to express your passion positively. When you’re in the middle of a debate, you might be tempted to share your disdain towards those with an opposing opinion. This will only negatively impact you, and you’re at risk of offending someone.
  • Be patient. This ties closely to the above advice. Make sure you’re allowing people to speak – you’ll get your turn to voice your opinion. Be patient with the people taking part in the conversation, and remember this is not about changing their opinion.
  • Look at the bigger picture. When discussing a controversial issue, people will likely disagree with each other. That doesn’t have to change your relationship with them. It’s essential to separate your bias and eventually agree to disagree.
  • Do your research. Before going into a heated debate, make sure you’re well informed on the topic. Supporting an opinion without researching will only make it more difficult to defend your argument. Researching the opposing statement is equally important, giving you a headstart on what counterarguments might come up.

You can now confidently discuss the most controversial topics with all these things in mind. Remember – it’s okay to look at things from a different perspective!

We hope you found this article helpful! Let us know your favorite controversial topics to discuss in the comments section below!

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