Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Everyone should take part in at least one form of sport.
  2. Players in good teams will always win something.
  3. A player should keep working hard even when no one is watching.
  4. Sports players should never let wins get to their heads.
  5. Benchhing a player is a smart move from the coach.
  6. Sport is a universal language.
  7. Sport has the ability to unite even the most divided countries.
  8. Every amateur needs a pro mentor.
  9. A team that works together is unstoppable.
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  11. Coaches should never single out a player.
  12. Sport teaches children about teamwork.
  13. Rugby is a dangerous sport.
  14. Competitive sport can teach us a lot about life.
  15. Parents should not insult coaches from the side-lines.
  16. Why everyone should get a sport massage once a week
  17. Exercise should be a daily routine.
  18. A baby is not an excuse to skip working out.
  19. Parents and coaches should reward children regardless of their performance.
  20. Soccer is the best sport of all.
  21. Players who use drugs while practising sport must be banned.
  22. Diego Maradona should not be hailed has one of the greatest soccer players.
  23. Professional sports players should never become coaches.
  24. World Cup hosting countries should offer affordable ticket prices to locals.
  25. There is no purpose in sport for cheerleaders.
  26. Parents should let their children try out for all the sports they are interested in.
  27. Teams who are superior to other teams in a league should earn more from TV rights.
  28. Rags to riches stories about sports stars should be told to school going children.
  29. Fans should not judge players.
  30. Fan girls know nothing about sport.
  31. Female referees should not referee male teams.
  32. Home exercise equipment is a waste of money.
  33. The player that wins the ‘Balon d’or’ after Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi is going to be a big deal.
  34. Club directors shouldn’t have a say in how coaches pick players.
  35. No coach should be fired after just one season.
  36. It is good for winning teams when they are beaten by underdogs.
  37. Teams should not keep players that don’t want to be there.
  38. Sport is a great way to connect people.
  39. Sports psychologists play an important role in sport.
  40. Age old rivalry in sport is the most fun to watch.
  41. Professional athletes should be careful with how they spend their money.
  42. A referee that loses control of a match ruins the match for both teams and fans.
  43. Children should be taught from small not to ‘boo’ at other teams.
  44. Sports stars now are bigger household names thanks to social media.
  45. Players who cheat must be banned or punished regardless of age.
  46. Steroid scandals hurt a team.
  47. Tiger Woods should be remembered for the great golfer he is and not for his sex scandal.
  48. Politicians should never interfere in how sport should be run.
  49. People who play sport are more social.
  50. Playing sport helps build character in children.
  51. Sport shouldn’t only be played by specific genders.
  52. People that  practise sport are more proactive.
  53. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are the best examples of sportsmanship.
  54. People need to support the underdogs.
  55. Sport has the power to unite people.
  56. Stadiums which are built specially for world cups often become liabilities.
  57. Losing a match can help with motivation.
  58. Young children that play sport learn to respect authority and rules from a young age.
  59. Children must play sports, even if they don’t want to.
  60. Sport is a key to a positive self-esteem in children.
  61. Sport helps our mental well-being.
  62. All forms of animal sports should be banned.
  63. Advertising alcohol during sports matches should not be allowed.
  64. Professional sports player’s salaries should not be capped.
  65. Fans should never disrespect the opposite teams national anthems.
  66. College athletes should be paid for the matches that they play.
  67. Professional players should stick to a diet throughout the season.
  68. Sports marketing is a great career option.
  69. Darts should be considered a game event.
  70. Sports gambling should be banned.
  71. Comparing Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi to each other is silly.
  72. Professional wrestling is just a show.
  73. Sport has become too commercialised.
  74. Not all players need to retire at 35.
  75. Players should be sent to the side-lines until bleeding is under control.
  76. Command is more important than control when pitching in baseball.
  77. Player’s jerseys should display their main sponsors name only.
  78. Fans that pay a members fee should have a vote in club matters.
  79. Chess players should be given more recognition.
  80. Women’s sport is less popular because of stereotyping.
  81. Hunting should never be considered a sport.
  82. Sleep is very important in sports recovery.
  83. Head injuries is not taken seriously enough.
  84. Video technology will ruin the flow of a soccer game.
  85. Smoking should be banned in stadiums.
  86. Fans attending sport events in another country should respect local customs.
  87. Fans who racially abuse players should be banned for life from attending live matches.
  88. Baseball is more exciting than cricket.
  89. Boxing isn’t entertaining.
  90. Children should not be graded for Physical Training.
  91. Professional sport players are better role models than rock stars.
  92. Female sports should be given more media coverage.
  93. FIFA should not be allowed to be run by men who are over 60 years old.
  94. Lance Armstrong should be remembered as nothing more than a cheater.
  95. Learning how to swim should be a requirement for all humans.
  96. Watching sports on TV is better than watching it live.
  97. Talented young players should be funded by career development scholarships.
  98. Rules in sport not always need to be followed.
  99. Golf is exciting to play but boring to watch.
  100. Salaries of sports players should be based on their previous season’s performance.
  101. NASCAR should be considered a sport.
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