93 Great Speech Topics for Teens

The teen years are challenge for the teens and for their parents. Getting a teen to have a simple conversation is hard enough. Ask a teenager to speak in front of an audience? Good luck!

To make the task a little less daunting for everyone, here are some speech topics that could be interesting to teenagers. While many may seem to be somewhat abrasive, aren’t teenage years are all about attitude and harsh opinions? From teenage romances to student survival tips and tricks, we’ve got it all.

The Cold Hard Truths

  1. “Divorce” should be possible between parents and their kids
  2. How I met my first boyfriend/girlfriend
  3. It should be possible to choose your family
  4. How to find out for sure if your friends are truly your friends
  5. Different ways to use a brick
  6. Cool, useful things my parents have taught me
  7. Why having siblings is a good thing
  8. How to teach your grandma to text
  9. How to make your parents proud by doing what you love
  10. Why Monday should be the third day of a three-day weekend
  11. Free access to a therapist after a breakup
  12. Top five things I do that annoy my mom
  13. Could zombies be real?
  14. How to fake a sickness and get out of school
  15. The coolest art project I’ve made
  16. The real feelings behind exams
  17. Teacher’s pet: The DOs and DON’Ts
  18. The last time I got caught in a lie…
  19. Being lazy is a true art
  20. Why students should be allowed to choose what they learn about in school
  21. Things that boys don’t know about girls
  22. What girls don’t know about boys
  23. Class Activities that makes a teacher a “favorite” among students
  24. Gym class: What’s the worst that could happen?
  25. Is there any truth to horoscopes?
  26. To get a job or not to get a job, that is the question
  27. Why cell phone use should be allowed at school
  28. Girls should be able to join boys sports teams

Fun Fact: Teenage Brains are wired to seek reward…but this will change as they mature and reach adulthood! 

  1. Why homework does more harm than good
  2. How to master procrastination and still pass all your classes
  3. Junk food isn’t all that bad
  4. The most widely accepted excuses for not handing in your homework on time
  5. Staying in is the new sneaking out
  6. Tips for pulling off the ultimate makeover
  7. Popularity: How to get it, how to keep it
  8. My generation’s obsession with all things scary
  9. Pets are far better to talk to than parents
  10. Students should get iPads or Tablets rather than books
  11. Eating should be allowed at any time during the school day
  12. The best hobbies you won’t want to miss out on
  13. Study abroad should be available to students in high schools
  14. The inside scoop on bullying: What makes a bully become a bully?
  15. How to be smart and pretty
  16. Why sex education in school is so awkward and useless
  17. More free time means more time to get into trouble
  18. The difficulty of finding employment as a teenager
  19. What it’s like being the oldest/youngest sibling
  20. Ten uses for duct tape that everyone should know
  21. Teens should be taught practical skills in school
  22. What my life will be like in twenty years
  23. If I ruled the world…
  24. How to make people buy what you’re “selling”
  25. Teachers should be required to have a great sense of humor
  26. When you’re family forces you to spend time with them…
  27. The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten
  28. What my dream house would be like
  29. The coolest place on Earth
  30. Best friends are hard to come by
  31. The top tricks to faking a cold and getting away with it
  32. How to do more homework in less time
  33. The unrealistic standards that modern women are held to
  34. Gossip: How to know what’s real and what isn’t
  35. How schools can help obese students get their lives back

Fun Fact! : Teenagers on average have sex for the first time at about age 17

  1. Gay and lesbian teens are no different than me
  2. How to tell someone to “go away” without sounding rude
  3. Teens’ obsessions with material objects and status
  4. Things my parents say that annoy me
  5. My dream job would be…
  6. What to look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend
  7. Why I choose to tell my parents everything
  8. How not to get a date with your crush
  9. The secrets to nailing the “innocent” look
  10. Famous/successful people who were told “no” before they were told “yes”
  11. How to get a new outfit out of your parents with little effort
  12. Ways to get your parents to apologize to YOU
  13. Why you can’t trust your mom’s fashion advice
  14. How to get the ________ you’ve been dreaming of (shoes, purse, pony, etc.)
  15. How to make it through Valentine’s Day without a boyfriend/girlfriend
  16. Best tips for picture perfect selfies
  17. For the funniest videos on YouTube, search for _______
  18. The coolest science projects that will get you an A every time
  19. Things I’ve learned that have made me wiser
  20. If I could create my own holiday, it would be ________
  21. How to get out of class/school without getting in trouble
  22. The coolest inventions I’ve ever seen
  23. Why personality matters more than beauty
  24. How to prepare for your first kiss
  25. If I could write a letter to the President
  26. What I think the world will be like in 100 years
  27. Time travel must be real because..
  28. The latest hair trends
  29. How to get someone to do your work for you without asking
  30. The top five topics to talk about on your date