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  • What references and statistics they used to solidify their arguments
  • How long the speech was for a given topic
  • How the topic was introduced and summarized
  • How the speaker engaged and interacted with the audience

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Persuasive Speeches

  • What to do about Deadbeat Parents - Persuasive
  • Why state aid applicants need to be drug tested - Persuasive
  • Subculture is Mainstream - Persuasive
  • Eating Healthy - Persuasive
  • Teachers should be paid more - Persuasive
  • Digital Piracy - Persuasive
  • Minimum Wage - Persuasive 2
  • Minimum Wage - Persuasive
  • Drug Testing for State Aid - Persuasive
  • Drug testing welfare - Persuasive
  • Why snakes make good pets - Persuasive
  • Why you need to quit drinking soda - Persuasive
  • Why Everyone Should Learn to Play an Instrument - Persuasive
  • Why Android is better then IOS 2 - Persuasive
  • Why Android is better then IOS 1 - Persuasive
  • Video Games Do Not Cause Violence - Persuasive
  • Soda and Obesity - Persuasive
  • Plastic Surgery 2 - Persuasive
  • Plastic Surgery - Persuasive
  • Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle Persuasive
  • Human development depends primarily on environmental factors - Persuasive
  • Donating Blood - Persuasive

Informative Speeches

  • Wind Energy - Informative
  • About Serial Killers - Informative
  • John Candy - Informative
  • Eating Disorder - Informative
  • Robin Williams 2 - Informative
  • Dream Types - Informative
  • Diabetes - Informative
  • Separation of Powers of the Federal Government - Informative
  • Memory Loss - Informative
  • Internet Black Market - Informative
  • EQ - Informative
  • Blood Donation - Informative
  • Alcohol in Winter - Informative
  • About Guitar - Informative