99 Good Policy Speech Topics And Ideas

Constructing a policy speech may appear to be very similar to creating a persuasive speech. Although it is true that a policy speech is a type of persuasive speech, and many of the rules for persuasive speeches will indeed apply, a policy speech is a very particular type of persuasive presentation, and the speaker needs to be aware of some important guidelines before choosing their topic.

A policy speech will essentially be a persuasive speech on some area of public policy. The subject can be an existing public policy, along with the speaker’s statements either supporting or opposing the policy. It may also be a proposed policy that the speaker believes is ineffective. Finally, the speech may concern a public problem and the speaker’s own ideas on how it could best be solved. This could be the speaker’s own ideas, or any combination of ideas already proposed by experts.

The speaker’s first challenge is to clearly describe the problem, and to persuade the audience to care about seeking a resolution. If the audience does not understand why the issue is important to society, and how it affects them personally, the rest of the speech is unlikely to be successful. The chosen problem may be a well-known controversial issue, or it may be a new concern that is unfamiliar to the audience. Regardless, the key to a successful speech is getting the audience to understand the problem, and to instill in them a desire to solve it.

The second part of the speech will present the policy in question. The speaker will share their opinion on the procedure, specifically whether or not they believe it will be effective. It is important to remember that this should be an educated opinion, not simply an emotional viewpoint. For example, a speaker should not argue an abortion topic from an emotional perspective, but rather with scientific facts and reliable researched data.

The speech’s topic should concern a problematic subject area that will elicit audience participation in solving it. It should also be a topic in which the speaker can become highly proficient, and there should be adequate research and data to back up any argument for or against the subject. At the end of the speech, the speaker’s goal may be to ask for passive agreement, or to call for the audience to take immediate action.

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List of policy persuasive speech topics

    1. Adoptees Right-to-Know Law
    2. Affirmative Action
    3. Aggregate productivity
    4. Agricultural Policy
    5. Agricultural subsidies damage African nations
    6. Art Censorship
    7. Attendance Policies (School, Work, etc.)
    8. Ban car racing in mass pollution areas
    9. Break Periods
    10. Censorship of Music
    11. Change K- School Start Times
    12. Client Complaints Procedures
    13. Climate Change Policy
    14. Company policy on computer usage
    15. Controlling the transportation fairs
    16. Corruption and bribery run today’s economy
    17. Crime Prevention
    18. Defense budget priorities
    19. Defense budget reduction
    20. Do you think immigration laws need to be revised
    21. Domestic Violence Drug Policy
    22. Downsizing Schools/Classrooms
    23. Drug Testing In The Workplace
    24. Election reform
    25. Emergency Procedures
    26. Eminent Domain
    27. Environmental sciences
    28. Equal Employment Opportunities
    29. Expanding Oil and Gas Drilling
    30. Female Genital Mutilation
    31. Feminists should be terminated
    32. Financial Assistance for Students
Know a great topic?


  1. Flood victims’ reforms
  2. Foreign Policy
  3. Freedom of Expression / Freedom of Speech
  4. Gambling Age should be Lowered
  5. Global Warming Laws
  6. Harassment Precautions
  7. Health Care Policy
  8. Hygiene Standards
  9. Identification Protocols
  10. Immigration Policies
  11. Job Discrimination based on Hair Color/Style
  12. Language Policy
  13. Legalizing prostitution could avoid campus date rape incidents
  14. Legalizing the sale of human organs could help reduce the lack of organ donors
  15. Maintaining Discipline in the Campus
  16. Medical Examination
  17. Merit Pay for Teachers
  18. National Tobacco Settlement
  19. Obstruction of Justice Laws
  20. Our constitution should protect hate speech
  21. Our foreign agenda for the United Nations
  22. Parents should be held responsible for their children’s actions
  23. Parliamentary terms should be limited
  24. Pension reform
  25. Police Brutality
  26. Policy to avoid betting in sporting events
  27. Political organizations should be forbidden at campuses
  28. Pornography on the Internet
  29. Prisoners’ Reforms
  30. Privacy Codes
  31. Racism and Racial Slurs (1st Amendment)
  32. Recycling Rules
  33. Regulations on applying safety devices
  34. School physical education should be required
  35. School Uniforms
  36. Sensor policy on the use of internet
  37. Sex education should stay the responsibility of the parents
  38. Sexist images of women should be banned
  39. Should our prison system change
  40. should teacher be graded
  41. Skateboarding Policies
  42. Smokers should be treated as drug addicts
  43. Social Security Reform
  44. State and church should be combined
  45. Sticking to the scheduled work hours and no two hour lunches
  46. Taxes (i.e. “sin” taxes, car taxes, taxation of the super rich)
  47. Teachers and Tenure
  48. Technical Loopholes in Law
  49. Teen Dating Violence Laws Strengthened
  50. The morning-after pill should be freely prescribed in drugstores and pharmacies
  51. The Patriot Act
  52. There is nothing wrong with the contents of Ten Commandments
  53. Trying Children as Adults
  54. U.S. policy toward Cuba
  55. VA Demerit Point System (driving)
  56. Videotaping In The Workplace
  57. Visitation Rules at your University/College
  58. Voter registration and absentee ballot
  59. Voting System (electoral college)
  60. Welfare mothers should be treated as working mothers
  61. Welfare reform
  62. What should be the minimum age for the voter?
  63. Whistleblower Procedure
  64. Why meals in school should be free
  65. Why restaurants who fail the health inspection the first time should be closed down
  66. Women in the Military
  67. Work Hours Plans