Speech Outline Example

This page give you an outline example without content. If you are looking for a full example, we have 15 Free Informative Speech Outline Examples that you can download in MS Word.

Your Name:
Class Time:
General Purpose:
Specific Purpose:
Thesis Statement:

Speech Title

The most important part of a speech is getting the audience’s attention from the very beginning, otherwise the rest of your points will not be heard. The opening statement of your speech must be strong and concise.

Credibility Statement:
List your credibility on the topic you are speaking on


I. First Main Point (full sentences for main points)

A. First Sub-Point (can be a short phrase, at least one sub-point for each main point)

1. First Supporting Point (can be a short phrase, at least on supporting point for each sub-point)

B. Second Sub-Point

1. First Supporting Point

II. Second Main Point

A. Second Sub-Point

1. First Supporting Point

And so forth…..


Closing with Impact (informative):
Call to Action (persuasive):
The first part of the call to action should be restating your main idea and giving a summary of all of your points previously made. An exact reaction or action that you would like from the audience should then be given. Next, a way to execute the reactions or attitudes that you want should be told to the audience. Be sure to add strong and captivating concluding statement to end your speech.