Public Speaking Links

Reference Websites– Search engines, newspaper searches, encyclopedias, quotations, dictionaries, translators, and more on one page.– Quotations searchable by author or topic.– Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations– A little bit of everything: news, encyclopedias, and hundreds of links. A good place to start if you are doing online research.– Almanacs, atlases, dictionaries, thesaurases, and more.– A pretty good clean humor archive that allows you to search for jokes by keyword.– The Library of Congress home page, featuring on-line resources and materials for many topics. Especially good for American History topics.– Directory of Open Access Journals, featuring searchable links to nearly 400 free online scholarly journals covering a variety of topics.– Features links to the websites for thousands of newspapers across the country.– Links to magazines available online.

Helpful Websites– This free site builds MLA and APA citations for your bibliography or works cited.– An interesting exercise and discussion about how to avoid cliches in your writing.– A free online PowerPoint tutorial. Looks like it’s designed for kids, but it does the job.– A free online outline generator. Fill in your info and it creates a nice outline.– Links and information about plagiarism, it’s consequences, and what your professors are doing about it.– A self-help website for people with a fear of public speaking. Features chatroom and articles.– History Channel web page with audio and video clips of some of the great speeches in modern history.

Communication Tips & Public Speaking Skills – Speech Club Community

Communication Websites

National Communication Association– promotes communication studies scholarship and education.

NCA Student Membership– Quick link to become a student member of the National Communication Association.

American Communication Association– A free online organization and discussion forum for Communication Studies.

Communication Studies Resources– University of Iowa’s Index of Online Communication Studies Resources

Entertaining Commencement Speeches

Will Ferrell at Harvard

Kurt Vonnegut at Rice University

Kurt Vonnegut at Syracuse