Fun Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Playing video games is the best distraction.
  2. Employee of the month awards are worthless.
  3. These days everyone is a photographer.
  4. Women are not damsels in distress.
  5. Why we should all have a twin.
  6. Being too rich makes people miserable.
  7. Becoming obese is a piece of cake.
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  9. The place for royals is only in story books.
  10. You can easily escape reality.
  11. There are some words that must be removed from the dictionary.
  12. Do vegans know that plants are also living things?
  13. Lying well is a talent.
  14. There is nothing fun about camping.
  15. Parents have earned the right to annoy their teenagers.
  16. Exams can be fun.
  17. Good girls will always be attracted to bad boys.
  18. Gender wars are healthy.
  19. Men need to stop wearing skinny jeans.
  20. Fathers will always be cooler than mothers.
  21. People never chase after idle dreams.
  22. Murphy’s law is real.
  23. Mistakes can be profitable.
  24. People wear masks every day, not just on Halloween.
  25. Crocs are the worst shoes every designed.
  26. Family reunions are too stressful.
  27. Never ever ask a woman her age.
  28. Aliens live amongst us.
  29. Rating system for movies are misleading.
  30. Celebrities sell their own sex tapes.
  31. All is not fair in love and war.
  32. Buying a house will always be smarter than renting.
  33. Women do everything better than men.
  34. There is no such thing as luck.
  35. Burger King is better than McDonalds.
  36. Closets are cleaned when people are depressed.
  37. You can become famous for doing nothing.
  38. The best advice about marriage is to not get married.
  39. Keep your parents off Facebook.
  40. Elvis is still alive.
  41. Time travel is possible.
  42. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
  43. The older the cheese smells the better it tastes.
  44. Make Ellen DeGeneres President.
  45. Soccer moms should start their own league.
  46. Dreams don’t have any symbolic meanings.
  47. Social networks are the real drugs today.
  48. Mid-life crises is only an excuse.
  49. Desktop computers are outdated.
  50. Robots will make humans even lazier.
  51. Facebook is the cause of the end of privacy.
  52. Most of Instagram followers and likes are fake.
  53. Women should date younger men.
  54. Online relationships are easier.
  55. This generation is the most immoral.
  56. Heaven and hell are right here on earth.
  57. People will regret the current trend with their eyebrows.
  58. People that live in the country side are happier.
  59. Space exploration cannot save mankind.
  60. Tattoos are a form of art.
  61. Electronic dance music is just a noise.
  62. Gap years should be compulsory before starting college.
  63. Roller coaster rides are not safe.
  64. To test is a relationship is going to work, you should cook together.
  65. The chicken came before the egg.
  66. Skin care creams do not work.
  67. Comedians must curse for emphasis.
  68. Stop putting others first.
  69. We all end up being like our parents.
  70. If you want a happier life, delete Facebook.
  71. You make better friends online.
  72. Artificial intelligence is not dangerous to humans.
  73. We would live differently if we knew when we were going to die.
  74. First watch the movie then read the book.
  75. Why you should stop following the news.
  76. An app can help you lose weight.
  77. We all suffer from phantom vibration syndrome.
  78. British humour is the best.
  79. Travelling alone is the best.
  80. Pets do look like their owners.
  81. Humans are better at destruction than creation.
  82. Conspiracy theories are just theories.
  83. Busy bodies make life more interesting.
  84. Men are not better cooks.
  85. Stop telling children to share.
  86. No one actually lives their life to the fullest.
  87. Justin Bieber has the worst fan base.
  88. There’s a lot to learn from ‘back in my day’ stories.
  89. Misophonia is a serious issue.
  90. Nobody is normal, we are all weird.
  91. The sexiest accent is French
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