Entertaining Speech Topics [144 Ideas To Keep Audience Engaged]

For most people, public speaking at an event is bad enough, much less having to give a speech that is also entertaining. As with all speeches, the key to successfully presenting an entertaining speech lies in the topic—ask seasoned public speakers and they will all agree.

You need to offer persuasive speech that is informative with a specific purpose that will bring the event to life. Above all, to be an entertaining speaker, you need an interesting speech topic or even humorous speech or impromptu speech (though that is difficult to achieve) that will last more than a few minutes and engage the audience with an interesting story/stories. There are a lot of topics you can cover that will be entertaining, such as funny speech topics, informative speech topics, or even demonstrative speeches, but make sure you consider your audience before you choose one. Here are some ideas to get you started:

144 Entertaining Speech Ideas

  1. The Worst Joke I Ever Heard
  2. The First Time I Got Caught
  3. Why Did the Chicken Actually Cross the Road
  4. How I Got My Nickname
  5. How to Get a Toddler to Go the Sleep in 383 Easy Steps
  6. The Funniest Thing My Kid Ever Said
  7. Deep Fried Oreos and Dieting
  8. My Worst Date
  9. That Time I Shot Milk Out of My Nose
  10. My Favorite Misheard Song Lyric
  11. How to Embarrass Your Teenager
  12. A Middle Aged Mom Figures Out Snapchat
  13. Pick Up Lines that Will Never Work
  14. The Key To Being Successful at Watching Television
  15. How to Live in Your Mom’s Basement
  16. My Biggest Pet Peeve
  17. Things a T-Rex Can’t Do with Its Little Arms
  18. How to Ruin a Date
  19. How to Stay a Bachelor
  20. What Not to Do On a Blind Date
  21. Why Pineapple Is Not a Pizza Topping
  22. How to Fail a Driver’s Test
  23. Ways to Take the Worst Passport Picture Possible
  24. The Worst Ideas for Halloween Costumes
  25. My Biggest Auto Correct Fail
  26. How to Trick Your Dog into Going to the Vet
  27. The Time I Laughed at a Completely Inappropriate Time
  28. Something That Made Me Laugh So Hard, I Cried
  29. Lost in Translation
  30. My Dinner with My Favorite Video Game Character
  31. That Thing I Shared on Facebook that Maybe I Shouldn’t Have
  32. The Right Way to Lie
  33. My Most Embarrassing Childhood Memory
  34. The Worst Haircut I Ever Had
  35. My Life Motto
  36. How My Cat Will Take Over the World
  37. How to Be the Center of Attention
  38. How to Freak out Your Roommate
  39. Passive Aggressive Ways to Get Your Spouse to Do the Dishes
  40. Alternatives to Cleaning
  41. The Best Dad Jokes of All Time
  42. Skinny Jeans or Where Have All the Men Gone?
  43. Why does Halloween Have to Be the Only Holiday We Wear Costumes For?
  44. Horrible How To Instructions
  45. Going Out Versus Going to Sleep at 9 pm on a Saturday
  46. My Worst Traffic Violation
  47. That Time I Sent the Email to the Wrong Person
  48. How To End a Bad Date
  49. Why I Make the Best Pancakes
  50. Nutella: Why I Just Can’t
  51. How To Survive Your Brother’s Wedding
  52. Why I’m Still Single
  53. How to Fall In Love in 308 Easy Steps
  54. An Argument for Leaving Your Christmas Tree Up All Year
  55. Horrible Valentine’s Day Cards
  56. I Love to Say I Told You So
  57. My Biggest Fashion Mistakes
  58. How To Act Like a Dude
  59. Worst Twitter Mistakes
  60. How to Lose Your Mind in 10 Days
  61. Ten Dumb Things I’ve Done So You Don’t Have To
  62. Things I’ve Only Told My Therapist
  63. How I Knew I Didn’t Get the Job
  64. Getting To Know the Little Voice in the Back of My Head
  65. When To Give Up
  66. How To Pretend to Have It All
  67. Don’t Touch the Thermostat: My Rules for Surviving Winter
  68. Sleeping with the Fan On Just for the Noise
  69. How to Make the Worst of a Best Situation
  70. Lies I Told Myself
  71. Why I Sleep with Five Pillows
  72. Hogging Your Side of the Bed: My Strategy to Sleep Alone
  73. Why My Dog is My Best Friend
  74. Why Nothing Rhymes with Orange
  75. The Worst Color in the World
  76. How to Ruin a Marriage: My Trip to Ikea
  77. Why Hipsters Are the Worst
  78. There Is No Such Thing as Too Much Caffeine
  79. My Worst Hair Dye Experience
  80. The Ugliest Facial Hair I’ve Ever Seen
  81. The Case for Bubble Baths
  82. The Worst Life Hack I’ve Ever Tried
  83. That Time I Got Arrested
  84. My Funniest Online Dating Story
  85. How I Lost My Pants
  86. The Worst Habit I Know I Have
  87. The Worst Thing I Ever Smelled
  88. That Time I Was a Hypochondriac
  89. My Worst Experience with Rain
  90. How to Make Sure He Doesn’t Call
  91. How to Be Patient When You Just Can’t
  92. Shoe Size: Does It Matter?
  93. Why I Love You Anyway
  94. The Worst Sound in the World
  95. The Best Thing about Being Me
  96. The Worst Song Lyric I Ever Heard
  97. How to Be Lame
  98. Times When Ice Cream is Appropriate
  99. How Not to Decorate a Cake
  100. Where Do All the Missing Socks Go?
  101. Ten Things That Are Better Than Doing the Dishes
  102. The Worst Chore I’ve Ever Had to Do
  103. The Worst Punishment I Ever Had as a Kid
  104. How I Knew I Was Done Having Children
  105. Why I Don’t Bother Keeping Up with the Joneses
  106. How to Pretend to Be Interested
  107. How Not to Be Subtle
  108. Why Are Horses the Only Animal We Ride?
  109. What Your Dog Really Thinks about You
  110. Best Reasons to Quit Your Job
  111. The Best Thing I Ever Ate
  112. The Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Seen
  113. Why I Can’t Even
  114. My Real Life Superpower
  115. How to Win at Life
  116. How to Cheat at Cards
  117. How Not to Make Friends
  118. Popcorn Is Underrated
  119. Making the Least of Your Time
  120. If I Were Invisible
  121. Why I Still Use a Nightlight
  122. Leaping Before You Look
  123. What I Learned from High School
  124. How to Be Awesome
  125. Socks and Sandals Are Okay
  126. If I Had A Million Dollars
  127. How to Get Fired
  128. When to Do the Grand Gesture
  129. How to Panic
  130. Relaxation Techniques that Haven’t Worked For Me
  131. Reasons to Be Scared of the Dark
  132. Why I Make My Bed Every Morning
  133. The Perks of Being the Life of the Party
  134. Changing My Mind, Again
  135. My Guilty Pleasure
  136. Best Places to Nap
  137. Something I Thought I Knew
  138. My Biggest Regret
  139. The Invention of Lying
  140. When I Knew I Wasn’t a Kid Anymore
  141. The Kid’s Toy I Still Love to Play with
  142. My Childhood Imaginary Friend
  143. Hobbling Across the Finish Line
  144. Finger Painting: Not Just for Kids Anymore