Easy and Simple Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Dogs are better pets than cats.
  2. The paparazzi are the real stalkers.
  3. Legalize abortion for rape and incest cases.
  4. Lie detector tests are inaccurate.
  5. People need to visit dentists more often.
  6. Two child max rule should apply worldwide.
  7. Smoking in all public places should be illegal worldwide.
  8. It’s immoral to genetically design babies.
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  10. Every property needs to have at least one tree.
  11. Fast foods must be more expensive than healthier foods.
  12. Exotic animals are not pets.
  13. Public spaces should have free WIFI.
  14. Nursery rhymes need to be looked at better.
  15. Organic food tastes better.
  16. Hostels are not a place for children.
  17. Online piracy will never be under control.
  18. Celebrities get away with everything.
  19. Neutering pets is a must.
  20. Humans have turned pit bulls into monsters.
  21. Buyers should be punished even harsher than poachers.
  22. Plant fruit trees on sidewalks.
  23. Video games are not evil.
  24. Religion and science can go hand in hand.
  25. Eating fruit is healthier than drinking fruit juice.
  26. Music has healing power.
  27. Everyone should know how to swim.
  28. Zoos do not give animals enough space.
  29. Not wearing a seat belt a personal choice.
  30. Medical marijuana isn’t a cure.
  31. There is nothing real about reality TV.
  32. Opposites will always attract.
  33. Climate change is always changing.
  34. Not enough is done to end world hunger.
  35. Adopt don’t shop is key to getting a pet.
  36. Battery farming is unethical.
  37. People shouldn’t be paying for drivers licenses.
  38. Smokers make the most acquaintances.
  39. First impressions are always right.
  40. Social media should be blocked at work places.
  41. Cash should be abandoned completely.
  42. Fake news writers should be punished.
  43. Allow mind reading during poker.
  44. Word of mouth will always be the best form of advertising.
  45. Students that study online cheat more.
  46. Minimum wage is too low.
  47. Security cameras are an invasion of privacy.
  48. Birds are not meant to live in cages.
  49. Client’s don’t want birthday messages from businesses.
  50. Allow casual dress clothes in the workplace.
  51. Make public transport free.
  52. The welfare system doesn’t work.
  53. Organ donors should be paid.
  54. Dual parent households benefit children more.
  55. Classic literature should only be for college students.
  56. Fast food restaurants are not responsible for obesity.
  57. All kids on a winning team should get a trophy.
  58. Illegal immigrants don’t harm the economy.
  59. Humans are vegetarian by nature.
  60. Self-driving cars will cause less accidents.
  61. Couples are wrong to stay together for the kids.
  62. It is time to include internet slang to dictionaries.
  63. Teens are unfairly stereotyped.
  64. Married couples must have date nights.
  65. Romantic movies set unrealistic standards.
  66. Group homes are better than foster care.
  67. Guns don’t kill people.
  68. Losing weight is easy, keeping it off is not.
  69. Fracking is dangerous.
  70. Long distance relationships don’t work.
  71. Family must always come first.
  72. It’s not good to be an only child.
  73. Ageing cannot be reversed.
  74. Divorce doesn’t damage children.
  75. Money isn’t the root of all evil.
  76. Being homeless is a choice.
  77. The school curriculum is too overloaded.
  78. Electronic cigarettes are harmful.
  79. Graffiti is art.
  80. Diet pills do not work.
  81. Priests shouldn’t be giving marriage counselling.
  82. Everyone must be taught to do CPR.
  83. Juvenile crime is dealt with incorrectly.
  84. Live together before getting married.
  85. Older generations were crueller.
  86. Cosmetic surgery should be regulated.
  87. Royal families are not needed in this day and age.
  88. Fame will always be bad for children.
  89. Vegan diets are too extreme.
  90. Parents need to stop forcing their own dreams on their children.
  91. Prisoners must not be allowed to vote.
  92. Fat isn’t bad for you.
  93. Yearly HIV tests for all health professionals.
  94. Calcium doesn’t make teeth stronger.
  95. Being skinny is no longer cool.
  96. Benefit of drinking 2L of water per day is a myth.
  97. TV’s will soon be a thing of the past.
  98. Lego’s are not gender bias.
  99. The drought in Cape Town will happen in other parts of the world too.
  100. The perfect steak is medium rare.
  101. Employees know more than employers.
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