Part Four: Delivering the Speech

Speech Anxiety

Coping with Speech Anxiety So you have to make a speech? And the thought terrifies you? Well, you’re certainly not alone. Survey after survey has indicated that fear of public speaking is one of the very most common fears. Even many top professional speakers experience some little bit of “stage fright” when they speak. It Read More

Speech Delivery

There are four primary types of speech delivery: Manuscript, Memorized, Impromptu, and Extemporaneous. Manuscript speaking, like it sounds, involves reading your speech word-for-word from it’s written form. The advantage to delivering a speech this way is that you can perfectly plan and control the wording of your speech. This sounds like it is ideal, but Read More

Visual Aids

There are four basic reasons to include visual aids in your speech: To hold the audience’s attention – by getting the audience involved visually as well as orally, you are more likely to keep their interest. To serve as a memory aid or learning device – people learn in different ways, some people easily recall Read More