Persuasive Speech Topics for Business

  1. Owning a business means you will lose your friends.
  2. Business will harden you.
  3. You should never go into business with family members.
  4. Just because someone knows you it doesn’t mean you owe them any discounts.
  5. To be a business owner you must learn to be well organised.
  6. It’s important that a business should have personality.
  7. Your business will fail if you do not have good people skills.
  8. In business both short and long term goals are important.
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  10. Introverts are better entrepreneurs.
  11. Market research is a key to starting a business.
  12. Every business person needs a mentor.
  13. You must have a business plan.
  14. Why cold emailing potential clients actually works.
  15. You should send past client’s thoughtful gifts.
  16. You must always know your position in the market.
  17. You should take full advantage of social media for your business.
  18. It’s smart to create blog posts specific to your business.
  19. Word of mouth is still the best way to get you new clients.
  20. Working from home is the best productivity tool.
  21. In business you must always deliver an experience too.
  22. You must know how to create your own opportunities.
  23. Customer is not always right.
  24. You will learn the most from your unhappy clients.
  25. You should not start a business you are not passionate about.
  26. Never be afraid of your competitors.
  27. Always trust your instincts, even in business.
  28. Being persistent and perseverant will work to your advantage.
  29. You must never bad mouth your competition.
  30. Failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you are willing to learn from them.
  31. Business people must keep a diary and adhere to it religiously.
  32. There are businesses that you can start with no money.
  33. Why you should turn your passion into a business.
  34. Marketing as an investment and not an option.
  35. Successful business owners delegate well.
  36. Unique selling propositions is not necessary for success.
  37. Customer surveys will improve your business.
  38. A business should first and foremost take good care of their employees.
  39. People in the business environment shouldn’t have to hide their tattoo’s.
  40. A dress code shouldn’t be necessary for an office.
  41. Smoke breaks shouldn’t be allowed.
  42. Brainstorming with co-workers will boost a company’s productivity.
  43. Team building events are key to team motivation.
  44. Virtual businesses will take over the retail world.
  45. No one should stay at a company where their growth is limited.
  46. IWhy working for the competitor is a good move.
  47. Minimum wage is unfair.
  48. Experience should be valued higher than qualifications.
  49. Employers shouldn’t have the right to ask for your social media accounts.
  50. French should become the business language of the world.
  51. Sometimes franchising your business is a bad idea.
  52. Written warnings are not always the best solution.
  53. Theft should equal immediate dismissal.
  54. A background check on potential staff members is a must.
  55. Apprenticeship programs are of great value to young adults.
  56. Product waste should be reused in other areas.
  57. Product differentiation is good for companies.
  58. Different cultural aspects need to be kept in consideration when doing research.
  59. Why having a business on the side isn’t a bad thing.
  60. For a physical business, location will always be key.
  61. Why every business should give free perks to its employees.
  62. Modern day businesses don’t need to promote their products.
  63. Corporate businesses are taking over government.
  64. A college degree will not guarantee success in business.
  65. Poor leadership will bankrupt a business.
  66. All businesses should go green.
  67. New fathers should get paid time off to help with the baby.
  68. Affirmative action is not right if someone is higher purely on race only.
  69. Employees should be allowed dating each other.
  70. Sexual harassment should be taken more seriously in the work place.
  71. Business owner’s should constantly brush up on their skills as well as send their employees for further training.
  72. A yearly bonus should be based on how well an employee did their job.
  73. Loyal customers should be treated like royalty.
  74. You can take negative reviews and turn them around.
  75. Why mono-tasking is more productive than multi-tasking.
  76. Businesses should never over work and under pay their employees.
  77. Why a business should never cut back on quality.
  78. Why every company should have random drug tests.
  79. Job hoppers are not good for your business.
  80. Hiring a lazy person isn’t always a bad thing.
  81. Your company needs to be active in social media.
  82. The owner of a company should be involved in the day to day running of his business.
  83. Employees should always feel like they can approach their bosses at any time.
  84. Companies should have the same set rules for everyone.
  85. Companies should have important dates diarised and stick to those dates.
  86. Keeping a person ready for retirement around will benefit younger staff.
  87. When hiring you should always trust your gut instinct.
  88. Company phones should not be used for personal use.
  89. Employers should never ask staff to work through their lunch break.
  90. Companies should have their closing dates finalised months before the time.
  91. End of the year functions should be for the whole family.
  92. You need to be iring people who speak multiple languages.
  93. Large companies should provide day care.
  94. Company vehicles should not be driven by several drivers.
  95. Why companies should always deliver on their promises.
  96. Sales should only take place if there is enough stock for a large number of people.
  97. Black Friday sales should be food sales.
  98. Why businesses should focus on creating more leaders for their companies.
  99. Businesses should be careful to not spam their clients with too many emails.
  100. Clients like businesses with good sense of humour.
  101. Free food makes your employees happy.
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