Informative Speech Outline: 15 Free Examples

 There are many steps involved in writing an informative speech and some of the steps can be very difficult. The first step is, of course, finding an informative speech topic. The hard way is to choose a category, and to narrow it down to a manageable topic. The easy way is to pick from our list of informative speech topics or from a page with fresh ideas from our visitors.

The next step is to gather the information for your speech, and to create a well organized outline to help you present your speech. Organizing the information you carefully collected into a useable outline takes some knowledge and practice. This is why we have provided you with several informative speech outline examples which can help you prepare for and present your speech.

These outline examples are well organized and easy to interpret. All the details are labeled to help you know where to put the information you have collected.

Before You Begin

The first part of the outline helps you focus your thinking and planning efforts. Write down your topic, the purpose and specific purpose of your speech. These three are essential for your planning and helps you stay focused on the topic in order to be informative for your audience.

The Introduction

The introduction is comprised of four components: attention-getter, revealing/relating the topic to the audience, credibility, and a preview of the topic. The introduction is where you will reach or lose your audience so make sure the audience can relate to the informational topic and connect with you

Body of the Speech

The body is comprised of key points and supporting details. Depending on the specifics of the topic, there may be several points that are necessary. Each point will then have at least two or three points which will help support the main idea and give credence to the statements being made. There is no hard rule on how many supporting details are needed for each point. Supporting details may include examples, specific data, or facts which sustain the truth of the point.

Concluding Statements

The conclusion is a where you summarize all of your primary points. This will recap the main ideas that you shared with the audience and bring it all together for a closing.

Free Informative Speech Outline Samples

We have simplified the process for you and put together 15 informative speech outline examples. They have all the main points and laid out with the headings such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Just download our free informative speech outline examples and make your speech an exceptional experience for your listeners.

These documents are created in Microsoft Word, and you can also open them with OpenOffice if you don’t have MS Word on your computer. All documents are provided under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License.

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